CHICAGO -- According to several NBA mock drafts, Cam Reddish isn’t on the same level as two of his former Duke teammates.

Blue Devils forward Zion Williamson is projected to go first overall to the New Orleans Pelicans in the June 20 NBA draft. R.J. Barrett, another Duke forward, is expected to go third to the New York Knicks.

Reddish, a Norristown native and Westtown School graduate, could go anywhere from Nos. 4 to 10 in the draft. However, most mock drafts have him going eighth overall to the Atlanta Hawks.

Being a top-10 pick is a major accomplishment. But he was projected to be in the top five heading into the trio’s lone season at Duke.

Reddish dropped after he had a so-so campaign, but it was hard to excel as the third option behind fellow freshmen Williamson and Barrett.

Williams and Barrett averaged 22.6 points apiece. Reddish was a distant third on the team at 13.5 points. The 6-foot-8 forward made only 35.6 percent of his shots.

He admitted to having a chip on his shoulder to prove he’s still on his teammates’ level. But …

“I’m extremely happy for them, too,” Reddish said. “They are great guys. I’m sure they’ll get exactly what they deserve.

“I’m definitely looking to what’s to come.”

To prepare for the draft, the 19-year-old has been working out several times a day.

He’s also determined to let the NBA executives know that he’s still the same player he was in high school. Back then, Reddish was the No. 3 overall college prospect and the No. 2 small forward in the Class of 2018, according to ESPN. He was a McDonald’s All-American and Pennsylvania’s Mr. Basketball.

Reddish possesses the passing ability of a guard and is blessed with a 7-foot-1 wingspan. He just needs to be more consistent and work on his 218-pound frame. Reddish thinks if he does that, the sky will be the limit.

“I can do it all,” Reddish said of what he’s trying to showcase that people might have missed at Duke.

“I feel like I am capable of doing everything on both sides of the floor,” he added. “I’m about to get the opportunity to show that.”