JJ Redick made it clear when he met with the media Monday after his exit interview that he would like to return to the 76ers next season.

Sixers coach Brett Brown and general manager Elton Brand, at their Tuesday news conference, talked about how much Redick means to the team.

Whether Redick returns, however, will be an interesting story line of the offseason, even if he isn’t priority No. 1 or 2. Redick will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

The Sixers likely will decide first whether to re-sign Jimmy Butler, who is expected to opt out of his contract, and Tobias Harris. Both could be signed to maximum five-year, $188 million deals with the Sixers or accept a four-year, $141 million offer from other teams.

“I think in general when you talk about the team, it is my wish that we can have as many of these guys back as we can,” Brown said.

Redick averaged a career-high 18.1 points and shot 39.7 percent from three-point range this season, one year after averaging 17.1 points and shooting 42.0 percent on threes. In this year’s 12 playoff games, he averaged 13.4 points and shot 41.4 percent from beyond the arc.

“He’s all first-class,” Brown said. “His ability to stretch the floor, we all get, and there is a professionalism that he brings to the table that we all understand.”

Redick, who will turn 35 on June 24, has signed one-year deals with the Sixers in the last two off-seasons.

The last two seasons have been the highest-scoring of his 13-year NBA career. They also are his two highest-paid, as he earned $23 million in 2017-18 and $12.2 million this season, according to Hoopshype.com.

Redick knows the NBA landscape. While any player at this stage of his career would like a multiyear deal, having to go year to year with the Sixers is something he has kept very much in perspective.

“I think it would be pretty ridiculous to say it bothers me, given the amount of money the 76ers paid me over the last two years,” Redick said. “I am very grateful to be 34 and still making a good living in this league.”

Redick says he has enjoyed being part of the organization.

“The last two years have been as good as I have had in my career in terms of the organization, fan support, you know, enjoying your teammates, enjoying the staff,” Redick said. “It has been very special, for sure.”

Brand said he thought this was Redick’s best NBA season. Like Brown, Brand also mentioned the value of intangibles Redick brings to the team.

“Just his locker room [presence], what he stands for, how he takes care of his body, his work ethic and spacing,” Brand said. “He is not afraid to talk to anybody on the court, any teammates, he is a great leader, so I am looking forward to those conversations also because he was great for us the last two seasons, what he provided for us.”

Redick said he would love to return to the Sixers, but he understands that he has to keep all his options open.

“I would go play in Anchorage, Alaska,” he said.

He has earned more than $91 million in his career, according to Hoopshype.com. As with any player, salary will be a major factor.

“I think any NBA player when it comes down to it, they want their salary to reflect some sort of value and worth, what they feel they are worth,” Redick said. “There is a certain respect level there that any NBA player feels, and they want to enjoy going to work every day. And if I can play in a great place and have a chance to win, that is great, too, but I will go play anywhere.”