Joel Embiid has rightfully earned himself a place in the 2019 All-Star game as a starter and is making a legitimate case for this season’s MVP award.

The 76ers center is averaging 27.3 points, 13.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists, and 1.9 blocks in 33.7 minutes per game.

Though Embiid has many more than 10 highlight moments, here are ten of the best. That’s not to say these are the 10 absolute best which is why they are not ranked, instead they are listed below chronologically. Enjoy.

Opening night block-dunk — Embiid came out the gate swinging this season and this sequence shows so much of why he is an All-Star for the second consecutive season. First Embiid blocks Jaylen Brown’s transition attempt, then recovers to help alter Brown’s second shot. After that Embiid runs to the other end and get a between-the-legs pass from Ben Simmons for the slam.

The never-ending eurostep — The ensuing celebratory reaction to this move was just as good, if not better, than the move itself. On Oct. 20 Embiid eurostepped through the Magic’s defense leaving them completely befuddled and proceeded to eurostep all the way back to the bench after Orlando called a timeout.

Frustration jam — The Sixers have not had the easiest time in Toronto and Jonas Valanciunas (no longer with the Raptors) has continually been a menacing presence against Embiid. On Oct. 30 in Toronto, Embiid let out his frustration with this monster slam after getting past Valanciunas.

Taking flight — Again Embiid’s celebration is almost as good as the actual score. Here, on Nov. 1 in Los Angeles he dunks hard over the top of now-teammate Boban Marjanovic before spreading his arms and soaring back down the court while the Clippers regroup.

Oop there it is — Embiid always enjoys overpowering and getting the better of Andre Drummond and this alley-oop from Simmons started the night off on a good note for Embiid who finished with 39 points and 17 rebounds in a win against the Pistons.

Embiid for three — Usually when a defender takes the bait and jumps on Embiid’s fake from three, he drives in and gets to the basket. Usually. On Nov. 9 Embiid drew the fake then decided to go for it anyway with a late fourth quarter game-tying trey. The Sixers went on to beat the Hornets 133-132 in overtime.

The feed from Embiid — Since most of his assists come on dribble hand offs to JJ Redick, Embiid is an underrated passer. On Nov. 14, Embiid dished a perfect bounce pass to for Jimmy Butler’s first bucket with the Sixers.

Me, myslef, and I — Embiid needed no help on this play on Nov. 25 in Brooklyn. Off the dribble he shook Jared Dudley to the floor then passed to himself off the backboard for an easy two-hand jam.

A beast on both ends — In almost and identical sequence as the one from opening night, this time in New York on Jan. 13, Embiid gets the block on one end, trails T.J. McConnell down the floor, gets a pass from between the legs and slams it home.

Block party — When it’s Embiid we’re talking about there are a lot of blocks to choose from; 105 so far this season. This block on James Harden on Jan. 21 was one of the best. Embiid completely dominates Harden and while the two were on the floor Embiid gave Harden an icy cold stare down to finish it off.