Inquirer handicapper Vegas Vic looks at Thursday’s NBA Finals opener.

LAS VEGAS - You DON’T have to BET! Strange words coming from a guy that has made his living in this world for the last like 40 years. (Yeah, of course I started at 9.)

But I snapped to attention when one of the most respected bettors in the industry for the past few decades, a hockey savant, said he was NOT gonna bet on the Stanley Cup. WHAT! This is a guy that wagers HEFTY sums on multiple hockey games each night during the regular season, and he is closing the wallet for the Cup. BRILLIANT guy and a $UCCE$$FUL guy. You don’t have to follow his lead, but it IS food for thought. Just because it’s on TV, or your iPad, or your phone, does not mean you have to bet it. Money management baby.

But of course you want an opinion, or at least some thoughts. Gotcha.

First, the regular-season results. The first meeting was in Toronto, and the Raptors were -9.5. WHAT? Yeah, NO Steph Curry and NO Draymond Green, which obviously inflated the line. And if you’re interested, Kevin Durant scored 51, yeah, FIFTY ONE! Result: The North posted a 131-128 win and the total went Over the closing number of 223.

The rematch was out West, and the Raps, +8, crushed Golden State, 113-93. With NO Kawhi Leonard! However, all the starters were available and played for GSW! The posted total was 226.5 and went Under.

KD is with the team but WILL NOT play. Of course, that’s not ideal, but the Dubs DID win a title WITHOUT Durant. Do not feel strong on a pick, but do lean to the Warriors. Gonna go prop wagers, specifically the winning-margin proposition.

Taking both Golden State and Toronto to win by 7-9 points at 8/1 and 10-13 points at 8/1. Dropping a quarter of a Benj on each play. It comes out to a $100 play to win $200.

Time (TV)
9 p.m. (6ABC)

Series odds: Warriors -$300; Raptors +$240

Game 1 props

Total Warriors points: Over/under 107.5 points

Total Raptors points: Over/under 107.5 points

Total 3-point FGs: Over/under 24.5

First Basket

Kawhi Leonard 7/2

Klay Thompson * 9/2

Steph Curry * 5/1

Pascal Siakam * 7/1

Kyle Lowry * 8/1

Draymond Green * 10/1

Most Points

Steph Curry * 1/2

Kawhi Leonard * 3/2

Klay Thompson * 8/1

Pascal Siakam * 30/1

Kyle Lowry * 80/1

Andre Igoudala * 100/1

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