The shooting run that Steph Curry is on is not only unprecedented, but it’s awfully fun to watch. Even if he dropped 49 on your Sixers, it’s always fascinating to witness greatness. At least it should be.

In his last five games, Curry is shooting 55.4% – from beyond the three-point arc! He’s 46-for-83 after hitting 10-of-17 to rally the Warriors past the Sixers on Monday.

Nobody knows the jump shot better than Herb Magee, the legendary Textile/Philadelphia/Jefferson University coach who has seen all the greats.

“He’s one of a kind. You won’t find anybody like him,” said Magee, 79. “Everybody knows he’s shooting threes from all over the place and still they can’t guard him. He’s on a string right now where he can’t miss.”

That’s the other thing, many of Curry’s shots are closer to the halfcourt line than the three-point stripe. Curry is, as Magee said, virtually unguardable right now.

“The No. 1 thing about him is, in my opinion, he has absolutely impeccable, perfect form when he shoots the ball,” said Magee, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame since 2011. “It comes out of his hands the same way every time with the same rotation. That just comes from hours and hours of practice.”

Curry is averaging 40.0 points over his last 11 games to take over the NBA scoring lead from Bradley Beal. (Curry’s Warriors face Beal and the Wizards on Wednesday). If the 33-year-old Curry holds the lead over the final four weeks, he’ll become the oldest scoring champ since Michael Jordan (35) in 1997-98.

When put on the spot for his favorite shooters, Magee quickly mentioned historical players like Sam Jones, Bill Sharman, George “The Bird” Yardley, and contemporaries such as Seth Curry, Donovan Mitchell, and Devin Booker.

“But there’s never been anybody like Steph Curry,” Magee said. “The only thing you can do is sit back and enjoy him … and wish that he was on your team.”

Currying favor

  • Curry’s 11 consecutive games of 30 or more points is the longest for a player 33 years or older, surpassing Kobe Bryant in 2012.
  • He’s shooting 49.7% on three-pointers in his last 11 games, 54.1% overall.
  • Curry’s 49 against the Sixers was his fifth 40-plus game this month, surpassing Bryant and Michael Jordan for most in a month by a player 33 or older.
  • His 31.4 points per game is a career high.

NBA scoring leaders

1. Steph Curry, Warriors
2. Bradley Beal, Wizards
3. Joel Embiid, Sixers
4. Damian Lillard, Trail Blazers
5. Luka Doncic, Mavericks
*Must play 70% of games to qualify

Most points/Wells Fargo Center

Date (Opp, result)
1. Bradley Beal, Was.
1/16/21 (L)
2. Jimmy Butler, Chi.
1/14/16 (W)
3. Michael Jordan, Chi.
11/16/88 (L)
4. James Harden, Hou.
1/27/17 (W)
t5. Steph Curry, GS
4/19/21 (W)


  • Michael Jordan also scored 49 points at the Wells Fargo Center -- four times (twice in 1987, once in 1988 and 1990).
  • Wilt Chamberlain holds the records for most points ever scored by an opponent at a Sixers home game (63 in 1964 at Convention Hall) and the most points against the franchise in a home game (70 in 1963 at Syracuse). Those also are the most ever scored against the Sixers/Syracuse.
  • Most points scored by a road opponent in the playoffs is Michael Jordan with 49 in 1990 (Spectrum).
  • Most points scored by an opponent in the playoffs at the Wells Fargo Center is Reggie Miller with 41 in 2001.
  • Curry’s 10 made threes are a record for an opponent in Philadelphia.
  • Top three most points by a Sixer at home: Chamberlain, 65 (1966), Chamberlain, 62 (1966), Allen Iverson, 60 (2005).
  • Top three most points by a Sixer at Wells Fargo Center: Iverson, 60 (2005), Iverson, 58 (2002), Iverson, 53 (2005).

All-time greats

Most points by the game’s legends against the Sixers, regular season or playoffs:

Player, pts.
Player, pts.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 53
LeBron James, 44
Elgin Baylor, 56
Magic Johnson, 42
Larry Bird, 42
Michael Jordan, 56
Kobe Bryant, 48
Karl Malone, 44
Wilt Chamberlain, 70
Moses Malone, 39
Steph Curry, 49
Shaquille O’Neal, 44
Tim Duncan, 35
Oscar Robertson, 50
Kevin Durant, 42
Bill Russell, 32
Allen Iverson, 38
Jerry West, 49

Statistics through Monday. Source: Inquirer research,