The 76ers' trade with the Los Angeles Clippers may have put them over the hump.

“The 76ers are officially title contenders,” columnist David Murphy writes.

But even if the additions don’t help the Sixers advance to the NBA Finals, the franchise did basketball fans a huge favor: Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic are still together.

Over the years, the two teammates have developed one of the NBA’s most famous friendships. It began before the 2016-17 season, when Marjanovic signed with Harris' Detroit Pistons. From there, the duo has taken off.

“It’s unique, you know?” Harris told Sports Illustrated in November. “Most people see us and they think it’s an odd friendship. But those are the people that don’t really know Boban as a person. They may not know myself as a person. When you look at the similarities of our personalities, it’s two caring people who put others first, who want to bring light to different people. I think that’s why we really have a good friendship, because we care for others, sometimes more than we care for ourselves.”

This isn’t the first time the two players have moved teams together. Harris and Marjanovic were teammates in Detroit before being traded together to the Clippers for Blake Griffin in January 2018. Now, about a year later, they’re on the move again, landing in Philly.

The 7-foot-3 Serbian and 6-foot-9 New York native have their own version of a buddy-cop show, playing out in virtually any environment and broadcast on social media. As a package, they’re known as “Bobi + Tobi.”

Sometimes they let a third teammate join in for a little pregame dancing, like they did with former Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.

As Sixers' writer Sarah Todd tweeted, they might be looking for someone to join in on the fun in Philly. Any candidates?

But their friendship extends off the floor, too.

Sometimes, Tobi catches Bobi dancing during a workout. One time, Tobi attempted to teach Bobi a new dance.

The NBA is known to be a somewhat cruel league.

A trade can uproot players and their families, forcing them to go to a new, unfamiliar city. But at least Marjanovic and Harris have each other “fix’n the sads.”

Yes, that’s right. The Clippers produced the “Bobi +Tobi Show” with three web episodes following the big men around doing a number of things. They picked each other up when they were feeling down. They took a SoulCycle class. They got a dance lesson.

Marjanovic seemed to like what he saw from the “Bobi + Tobi Show.”

It’s unclear if the Sixers will pick up where the Clippers left off on the web series. But it’s safe the Sixers upped their social media clout in keeping the best friends together.