Michael Rubin gets Drake shoutout

76ers partner Michael Rubin has been a poplar guy in the hip-hop community. He’s been known to be close with Meek Mill. He was recently seen at Jay Z’s Roc Nation brunch that brings out some of the most successful people in the hip-hop industry.

Rubin was featured in Drake’s latest single, When to say when. In the song, Drake said, “I watched Michael Rubin win a million off a couple hands.”

Drake was spotted at a Bahamian Casino with Rubin playing blackjack after the Raptors clinched a berth in the 2019 NBA Finals. It’s safe to say that Rubin had a pretty good time that day.

Colin Kaepernick at LSU basketball game

LSU honored legendary guard Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf with a jersey retirement on Saturday night. Colin Kaepernick, a long time friend of Abdul-Rauf’s, was in attendance.

Abdul-Rauf was famously suspended one game in 1996 for refusing to participate in the National Anthem pregame ceremony. The Nuggets traded Abdul-Rauf to the Kings after that season, despite leading the team with 19.2 points per game. Many people believe that Abdul-Rauf didn’t receive a fair shot in the NBA. It’s a situation that’s eerily similar to what Kaepernick has experienced in the NFL.

Trevor Ariza didn’t like Trae Young’s nutmeg

In hockey, football, and basketball, celebrating after embarrassing an opponent is usually not as frowned upon as baseball. The NBA had a baseball moment when Trae Young tried to deliver his signature nutmeg on 16-year veteran Trevor Ariza.

The players seemed to squash the beef after the game... it appeared. Ariza’s not-so-gentle pull on Young while the players shook hands didn’t look that way, but the vet just wanted to teach the young one a lesson.

Wilder says he will be a champion again

Wilder’s first public appearance since being knocked out by Tyson Fury came on Instagram. Wilder delivered a passionate 90-second message about where he plans to go from here.

“I just want you to know that I am here. Your king is here, and we ain’t going nowhere, for the war has just begun,” Wilder said in the post.

Reports from ESPN are saying that the trilogy fight has been scheduled for July 18 at MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. If that video is any indication, the next fight should be a better one.

Celtics get Luck of the Irish

Good things happen to the Celtics at home. Trailing by three with 5.1 seconds left, Jayson Tatum intentionally missed a line-drive free throw that was deflected in the air right into Jaylon Brown’s hands for the buzzer-beating three.

The Celtics lost the game in overtime, but that’s one of the top plays this season.

In case you missed it in Philly

Shake Milton was getting busy. This dunk over the defensive-minded Patrick Beverly was an example of that.

Milton was shaking and baking the Cippers on his way to a career-high 39 points. The Clippers had the final laugh, winning 136-130. Milton’s performance has got to be encouraging for Sixers fans, especially if he keeps it up when Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are back healthy.