New York Giants offensive line coach Marc Colombo has been fired, and there are some questions being raised behind the reasoning for head coach Joe Judge’s decision.

Fox Sports’ Jason McIntyre reported that a disagreement between Judge and Colombo resulted in punches being thrown, even though another report denies that there was a fistfight.

Colombo, 42, played 11 seasons with the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Dolphins. He worked with the Cowboys from 2016-19 before joining the Giants this season.

The Giants have allowed more than three sacks per game, which probably led to Judge’s conversation with Colombo. Since Dave DeGuglielmo was reportedly going to work alongside Colombo, he’ll probably take over.

Coaches usually like offensive linemen with mean streaks. Apparently Colombo still has his even though he’s retired, and it cost him a job.

Unpredictable NBA Draft hours away

This year’s NBA Draft will be unlike any other we have seen, but the hype is at its normal levels. Sixty collegiate and international players will hear their names called on Wednesday night.

This year has been unusual, so it’ll be fitting if the draft gets unpredictable. So far, that seems to be the case. There is no clear consensus on who’ll be the No. 1 pick, and there have been trade rumors involving each of the top three teams.

LaMelo Ball may be the biggest name in the draft after his father LaVar and brother Lonzo helped him become a household name at 14 years old. James Wiseman played three dominant games at Memphis, but his quick season wasn’t enough to convince scouts that he’s the consensus No. 1 pick. Anthony Edwards has all the tricks in his bag that makes teams salivate, but he was far too inconsistent at Georgia.

Expect a lot of movement in this draft. When teams aren’t too sold on a pick, they are more likely to just trade back and acquire more assets.

Many eyes will be on the Golden State Warriors. They own the No. 2 pick, and most basketball fans know that they don’t belong there. Injuries to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson put Golden State in a position to gain a big-time prospect to go with its healthy core for a return back to the playoffs. The Warriors can add a top-tier prospect, trade for a veteran player, or trade back in the draft.

Draft compensation can also be used to move players around the NBA. The Rockets have already traded Robert Covington to the Blazers for Trevor Ariza and the No. 16 pick. There could be more trades like these that’ll move role players to contenders.

Chris Paul and Devin Booker already working out

Either Chris Paul wasted no time getting to Phoenix or he knew the trade was going to happen when the rumors first started last week. Or he and Devin Booker are just on a mission.

Paul and Booker were spotted working out in a gym together one day after the blockbuster trade. The gym is believed to be Suns owner Robert Sarver’s.

Paul is known as one of the most fierce and competitive guys in the NBA, and ESPN NBA writer Marc Spears used similar adjectives to describe Booker. Their combined competitiveness should lead to an improvement in Phoenix.

Kendrick Perkins, Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Magic Johnson are among the people saying the Paul acquisition puts Phoenix in the playoffs.