Inquirer handicapper Vegas Vic looks at Tuesday night’s playoff games.


LAS VEGAS -- Double V is gonna look at Milwaukee -2 points over Toronto.

Tough to see the Raptors heart, soul and BEST player kinda gimpy at the end of Game 3. Yeah, we’re talking Kawhi. He might be Superman in shorts, and not have any problem tonight, but we’re gonna watch the warmups REAL close to see how he responds.

Even with Leonard at 100 percent, you think that Giannis is gonna score ONLY 12 points again? Quick answer, NAH. And look for Khris Middleton to double his output from nine to points to maybe like 18/19. Bucks are better and they’re gonna go back to Brewtown with a 3-1 edge after a breezy W, so gimme $55 to win $50.

Favorite (ML)
Time (TV)
Bucks (-140)
RAPTORS (+120)
8:30 (TNT)


Vic is gonna skate under the Arch with St. Louis tonight.

At the start of the series, we were talking up maybe the BEST defensive pair in hockey, Erik Karlsson and Brett Burns.

As the series has worn on, we have seen that Karlsson can barely skate. Of course, the NHL would only tell us he has a lower-body injury, but we’re hearing groin. Is the groin lower body, mid-body, or, upper body? Hmmmmm. Karlsson played 7 minutes and change in the first period, 3 and change in the second, and DID NOT even return for the 3rd. And San Jose captain Joe Pavelski missed most of the 3rd after taking a nasty hit to the head.

The Sharks know how to come back from a 3-1 hole, they did it against Vegas, but with a laundry list of key injuries, we got the Blues advancing to their first Stanley Cup Final since 1970. Man, that’s almost 50 years, and that is the reason we AIN’T gonna see any Sharks swimming to a Game 7. Dropping $80 to win back $50 on the Blue Men.

Favorite (ML)
Underdog (ML)
Time (TV)
BLUES (-160)
Sharks (+140)
8 p.m. (NBCSN)

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