We’re big fans of packable multitiered clothes shelves you load at home, stash in a suitcase, then pull out and hang from a closet rod when you arrive.

Solgaard has taken this concept a huge step forward with the Carry-On Closet 2.0, a lightweight polycarbonate wheel-aboard bag with an integrated six-tier shelving unit that collapses and compresses into the suitcase.

Once at your destination, just lift out and up the shelving unit — 29.5-inch-high by 10-inch-wide by 6.5-inch-deep — and hook it to the top of the bag’s extended telescoping pull handle. The suitcase cover acts as a steadying kickstand.

The nylon-and-mesh shelves vary in height to hold toiletries, socks, shirts, pants, and whatever. The shelving unit is removable and can be hung from a closet rod, leaving the empty bag available for other duties.

The 21-inch by 13.5-inch by 9-inch-deep wheel-aboard rolls on four pairs of spinner wheels and has a built-in TSA-approved three-digit combo lock. The bag has a built-in external USB port that connects to an internal USB cable you can plug into your own battery power bank for charging electronics on the go. An internal pocket holds the power pack in place.

Solgaard Carry-On Closet 2.0 in red, blue, or black is $225; a slightly larger “Plus” model, which may need to be checked, is $245 at solgaard.co.