Those comfy waking shoes that made strolling a breeze in mild temperatures may bear up to cold-weather trips, too, if you add a little bit of sole — specifically, sheepskin soles.

Honey Soles, maker of multilayer molded cork insoles designed to replace the thin flat insoles that line most regular shoes, has introduced a toasty cold-weather model called Bear Soles. They add a sheepskin topper to regular Honey Soles, which are composed of a natural cork top layer with a heel cup and arch support, a mid-layer of shock-absorbing foam, and, beneath that, a molded cork-composite foot bed with a grooved bottom that provides heel support and keeps the insole from slipping inside your shoe.

The website has a sizing guide and offers a bundle deal for a pair each of Bear Soles and Honey Soles. These are quite comfortable, provided your shoes have removable insoles and enough room for some extra lift — though you won’t need as much space as a pair of thick socks would require. All the better if you can fit both.

Bear Soles Sheepskin-lined Replacement Insoles are about $40 per pair; a double pack with a pair each of Bear Soles and regular Honey Soles is $68; at