A high quality keyboard case adds laptop-type benefits to any tablet, but it’s practically essential for big guys like the mammoth iPad Pro 12.6-incher.

Until very recently, Apple’s Smart Folio Keyboard Case was the only (very pricey) fully dedicated case/stand with an integrated keyboard to keep your fingers from smudging up the fragile high-res screen on the newest (third generation) iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.6 inch models.

Logitech has just busted that monopoly with its own equally dedicated and more rugged Slim Folio Pro Keyboard Cases that cost about 30 percent less than Apple’s proprietary versions.

To be fair, Apple’s cases are slimmer and lighter than Logitech’s. And Apple’s integrated keyboard is powered directly by the tablet, while the Logitech keyboards require Bluetooth pairing and their own integrated battery. But the Logitech cases boast heavy duty silicone bumpers that better defend all four corners (for drop protection), and Logitech’s keys are backlit (but not Apple’s), with a more tactile feel and a satisfying click that beats Apple’s softish muffled performance.

Plus, the Logitech keyboards add a dedicated row of iOS shortcuts along the top — such as a home button and buttons that summon the iOS search field and virtual keyboard, and change volume, keyboard brightness, and media tasks. The keyboard pairs quickly, and both tablet and keyboard turn off when the case is closed. The battery lasts up to three months on a charge and recharges via USB-C cable (not included).

Logitech Slim Folio Pro Keyboard Cases for newest (3rd Gen) 11-inch and 12.6-inch iPad Pro are $119 and $129, respectively; at logitech.com