A heads up for meditaters or wanna-be’s who could use a personal coach. The Muse 2 Meditation Headband is a kind of high-tech wearable guru with built-in sensors that track your heart rate, brain waves, and body movements and provide real-time visual and auditory bio-feedback via — what else? — an app.

On-screen meditations are assisted by calming nature sounds and less-tranquil “weather” rumbles triggered by your stillness-hindering indicators. Using your own headphones, pair the free Apple or Android app with your smartphone or other device, and follow the included quick-start guide to get the hang of the headband.

The Muse 2 recharges via an included micro-USB cable. The technique can work if you work it (and can let go of the stress from all those graphic and auditory judgments). The app keeps a running record of your progress (or not). Enlightenment doesn’t come cheap — but is Zen not priceless?

The Muse 2 is $211; an older Muse model with fewer features is a $149; at choosemuse.com.