What's round, has bristles and is used for grooming? That's right: a secret safe!

Well, actually, the Stash-It Hair Brush Diversion Safe is also a fully functional 9-inch-long by 3-inch-diameter hairbrush, with a hollow core for hiding cash. The 4-inch-long by 1.25-inch-diameter empty space can hold up to 30 rolled bills.

The rubber lid looks just like the caps common on round styling hairbrushes. You even get boars-hair bristles.

Just fill 'er up, toss into your purse or beach bag, and head on out. Anyone trying to pick your purse is unlikely to grab for a brush.

The Stash-It includes a plastic self-zip bag that fits in the hollow core and can hold coins, IDs, or other small valuables in lieu of a wad of dough.

Stash-It Hair Brush Diversion Safe is about $19 at www.hideandstash.com.