Wouldn’t you rather focus on planning your journey and let someone else rounds up the nitty-gritty supplies?

The savvy shoppers at Wanderpak have made it their business to create customized travel kits with essentials for your trip, at a reasonable price.

On the interactive website, click on your destination and travel style (i.e.: hotel vacation or backpacking). Up pops a display of 10 or so carefully selected items included in your Wanderpak, plus optional add-ons.

Heading to Europe? Everyone gets an inflatable pillow, portable charger, toiletry kit with TSA-approved bottles, money belt, compact rain poncho, and travel journal. Backpackers also get a quick-dry towel and pack of biodegradable detergent strips, while city slickers get a protective shoe bag and passport cover.

You can skip the specifics and opt for an eight-item starter kit. Or, build your own kit, selecting any five to 25 items for a set price.

Wanderpaks are $58 each; starter kits, $38; build-your-own kits, $5 to $100; add-ons, $3 to $7; at wanderpak.com.