Face it, we all know there are plenty of sorry-looking bus stops in and around Philly.

Maybe there’s no shelter or bench, or you’re forced to stand too close to traffic while waiting for your ride. Or maybe the stop is hard to access when you’re pushing a stroller or carrying armfuls of grocery bags. Perhaps the area around the stop is dimly lit and doesn’t feel safe at night.

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There are any number of possible issues you may have dealt with. We want to shine a light on the challenges of waiting for your bus.

Please tell us about your experiences in the Google form below. We may summarize your responses, without using your name, when reporting on trends we find. Additionally, we may reach out for an interview if you are willing to speak with a reporter.

This effort is inspired by Streetsblog USA’s Sorriest Bus Stop 2021 competition, set up like an NCAA basketball tournament bracket. Quêbec City’s entry is battling a stop in Staten Island, N.Y. with a shelter that could be in a horror movie; it’s known as the “murder shed.”