Rhapsody Taylor always wanted to be a star. As a child she loved Destiny's Child, the Nutcracker, music videos. Years of dance training led her to a degree at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She had expected to be busy this month with rehearsals, shows, graduation. Instead she'll graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance during a virtual ceremony. "I think this pause is, I guess it's healing in a way, " Taylor said. "Thinking about what's in your life, what you need to get out of your life." For now she's living at home to save money, dancing in her room and occasionally the yard. She may have to get a regular job to tide her over until shows and productions begin again, but she won't stop dancing. "I'm not going to let this coronavirus stop me. Or what I want for my dreams," Taylor said. "I feel like I'm 100%, I'm ready."