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Fatimah Ali: Fatimah Ali has some parting thoughts

WHEN IT comes to gun violence, it's almost as though some kids are numb to the imminent possibility of death.

Fatimah Ali: New proposal would return prayer to Philadelphia's public schools

IT'S A DEBATE that's been brewing for almost 50 years, ever since the 1962 Engel v. Vitale Supreme Court ruling that took aim at the tradition of prayer in public schools.

Fatimah Ali: A mother's bleakest moment

IT'S EVERY parent's greatest fear. A middle-of-the-night call that a child has been hurt - or worse. And whether it's your own child or someone else's, and no matter how many times we've seen it happen before, no parent should ever have to bury a child. It just isn't natural.

Fatimah Ali: Why Fatimah Ali changed her mind on Philadelphia school vouchers

WHEN state Sens. Anthony Williams and Jeffrey Piccola introduced a bill to allow parents whose children attend the city's worst schools in the poorest neighborhoods to apply state funding to tuition at private schools, I was dead-set against it.

Fatimah Ali: Oprah's new TV network not black enough?

OPRAH Winfrey's new cable network, OWN, a joint venture between her production company and Discovery Communications, is just a month old today. But already there are complaints from some fellow African-Americans that she's neglecting her own.

Fatimah Ali: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett plans belt-tightening for Philadelphia's public schools

WITH Republican Tom Corbett being sworn in as Pennsylvania's new governor today, I can't help but sense an impending cloud of gloom and darkness settling over the Keystone State.

Fatimah Ali: Pa. needs to get back to work

IHATE to be a doomsayer, but here's the deal - unless the economy turns around pronto and more jobs are created across the nation, crime, including the illegal drug trade, will most likely increase.

Fatimah Ali: What Eagles bring us for Christmas

'TWAS the week before Christmas and up in my crib Faces were long, because I'd just lost my gig. The boss had told me it was not a good fit

Fatimah Ali: Toning the consumerism down for Christmas

THE OTHER day, while shopping for jackets for my youngest daughters, I noted that one of my favorite department stores was a big disappointment with its preholiday sales.

Fatimah Ali: The good that Pennsylvania Rep. Dwight Evans has done

I T REALLY RUBS me the wrong way when small-minded politicians cut off their noses and end up spiting not only their own faces - but ours, too.