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Sometimes it's shocking who gets hired at Philadelphia's famous patronage mills.

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Plus: Berniecrats came into power, Vince Fenerty fell out of power, and more.

Mom has Lt. Gov. Stack's back | Clout

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack's tough reelection campaign has benefited from some hefty financial support from his biggest fan: his mother.

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Was a City Council staffer's car coated in Chinese food as retaliation for the controversial beer deli safety glass legislation? And Salena Zito gets a little ahead of herself on a speech by Vice President Mike Pence at Pa. Society.

Senior Pa. Dem adviser tells women: Stop 'crying boo-hoo' about men | Philly Clout

A senior adviser to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has some strong and dismissive thoughts on sexual harassment. Philadelphia's building trades unions will court Amazon in Seattle by air. And Vince Fumo hangs with Joey Merlino.

Fetterman looks past Stack to target Trump in Lt. Gov. race | Philly Clout

John Fetterman follows Clout's rule on political pugilism: Always punch up. He launched his campaign for lieutenant governor this week, targeting President Trump, not incumbent Lt. Gov. Mike Stack III of Philadelphia.

Clout loves lunch and Election Day questions, but mostly just lunch

Clout asks: What should happen with the Rizzo statue, who will be the GOP nominee for governor next year, and will Mayor Kenney have a 2019 Democratic primary challenger?

Black ward leaders balk at Rendell-Evans GOTV breakfast

It was billed as a "get out the vote" breakfast for African American ward leaders in Philadelphia. Then the rumors and recriminations started.

Mike Stack's new problem: John Fetterman and the 2018 primary

John Fetterman, the populist mayor of Braddock, in Allegheny County, is preparing to challenge Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Stack in the May 2018 primary election. .

Behind the scenes of an Amazon 'best-seller' by City Hall vet

A look inside the publishing world that produced "best-seller" Desiree Peterkin Bell's new tome. Plus, Minster Rodney Muhammad brings "clarity" to that $25,000 he received from Mayor Kenney.