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‘The Children’ at People’s Light: Superb actors, dark humor, and an intro to a rising-star playwright

Lucy Kirkwood’s Tony-nominated play concerns a nuclear disaster and a little cottage by the sea roiled by unfulfilled desires. Think Pinter, but more chatty and accessible.

Bebe Neuwirth gives a master class in acting at Philadelphia Theatre Company’s new play, ‘A Small Fire’

Director Joanie Schultz’s staging of the Adam Bock play is nuanced and fiercely naturalistic. All of Neuwirth's co-stars shine, too.

Gloria Steinem bio-drama at McCarter Theatre captures the feminist icon’s spirit, skipping some tough truths

Emily Mann's sleek documentary play 'Gloria: A Life' is being staged in Princeton through Oct. 6. Mary McDonnell stars.


’One Man, Two Guvnors’ at Quintessence Theatre Group: Nothing but entertainment, kitchen-sink style

Mistaken identity, madcap libidos, bent genders, pratfalls, lewd costumes -- this rendition of Richard Bean's 2011 farce goes at it full force. Some of the Brit humor is lost in translation, but winning performances by Philly comic treasure Sean Close and others make it a good night's entertainment.


‘Minors’ at the Lantern Theater: Fast-paced, high-intensity new musical about the ‘kids for cash’ scandal

Kittson O'Neill and Robert Kaplowitz have created a well-told, well-sung musical based on the Pa. corruption scandal of the earl 2000s. It gets a lot right — letting the middle- and high-school kids who were victimized take center stage.


‘Legally Blonde’ at the Walnut Street Theatre: Silly premise redeemed by first-rate cast and direction

Kathryn Brunner makes a supremely likable star turn as Elle, and the rest of the cast is first-rate, too. Director Richard Stafford is a master of comic choreography.


‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ at the Resident Theatre Company: Exuberant fantasy of cons and scammers

It's easy to be a scammer: Anyone can do it! That seems to be the theme of this enjoyable musical. It overflows the stage to involve the audience, and, even for those who've seen it before, it's a terrific time.


‘How to Catch Creation’ at Philadelphia Theatre Company: Strong ensemble, glorious messiness

Even with a strong ensemble, spectacular set, and energetic direction by Nataki Garrett, the play seems unfinished and cries out for smart dramaturgical help to answer some of the questions it raises.


‘The Few’ at Theatre Horizon: The journey from desperation to fragile hope

Loneliness and coming to terms with it are themes permeating this play, given an intimate, intense, often crackling production by Theatre Horizon: the loneliness of the trucker, the loneliness of the lonely hearts ad, and the loneliness that is each person's heritage.