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The economy of 2018 was both wacky and predictable

Given the wackiness od 2018, making a 2019 prediction would seem like a fool’s game, but despite this year’s volatility, the economy performed largely as expected. It’s just that it did it in a very odd way.

Housing has peaked. Here are the reasons the market has cooled.

There are three segments of affordability: Income, housing price, and mortgage costs. All have made it more difficult to buy a home.

What can Philly learn from Amazon’s decision?

Doing a postmortem would, or should, guide the city's future decisions on how to spend precious tax incentives.

Pennsylvania should stop treating education like a luxury | Opinion

Over the last five years, the number of students graduating from Pennsylvania teacher training programs has fallen by over 60 percent, while the number of teacher certifications granted dropped by over 70 percent.

Economist: Don’t blame the Fed for recent stock market woes

Because we all know that investors are never wrong, declines in the markets have to be caused by outside actors. And as usual, the Fed is being named the bad actor.

Fixing public pensions with private creativity

Private-sector firms put all their assets on the balance sheet, even nebulous things such as "good will." Governments don't but should.

Want to know what an economic statistic means? Get the context

What seems logical in economic policy doesn't always stand up to scrutiny when placed in context.

Finding a way to fix New Jersey’s financial woes

The state legislature formed the Economic and Fiscal Policy Workgroup to help it tackle some of the toughest decisions lawmakers need to make.

Good economic news for Philadelphia: Tax revenues, wages up | Joel Naroff

Even if you exclude the beverage tax, revenues were up nearly 10 percent.

The looming retirement crisis for public and private employees

When it comes to saving for their retirement, Americans better hope they don't retire.