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Growth trap: The U.S. economy has the jobs but not the workers to fill them

The economy, like any business, can expand in basically two ways. The first is by adding more workers to increase output. The second way is by increasing the output from individual workers.


It’s a tight labor market, and unemployment is at a 50-year low. So why aren’t wages rising?

Aren’t wages supposed to rise when labor markets are tight? And isn’t job growth supposed to be strong when the economy is expanding solidly?


We have the first casualty of the trade war. What’s next? | Joel Naroff

Is manufacturing the canary in the coal mine? The ongoing trade war, coupled with the imposition of new tariffs on Chinese goods and the threat of additional tariffs later this year, have slowed U.S., Chinese, European and Asian economic growth.


China’s renminbi move shows they are hunkering down, ready for a long trade war

By devaluing the currency, the Chinese made their goods cheaper for U.S. importers to purchase and therefore more competitive.


Camden tax-credit program needs to be reformed to benefit residents, revive the city

Should tax incentives be used to foster economic development and if so, how? In short, they should, but with clear plans on how those incentives restructure the local economy so they actually create greater, sustained future economic growth.

Soda tax takes toll on stores near the city’s edge

It is quite possible that the beverage tax negatively impacted the financial position of the Shop Rite located near Philadelphia’s suburban border.

The economy of 2018 was both wacky and predictable

Given the wackiness od 2018, making a 2019 prediction would seem like a fool’s game, but despite this year’s volatility, the economy performed largely as expected. It’s just that it did it in a very odd way.

Housing has peaked. Here are the reasons the market has cooled.

There are three segments of affordability: Income, housing price, and mortgage costs. All have made it more difficult to buy a home.

What can Philly learn from Amazon’s decision?

Doing a postmortem would, or should, guide the city's future decisions on how to spend precious tax incentives.

Pennsylvania should stop treating education like a luxury | Opinion

Over the last five years, the number of students graduating from Pennsylvania teacher training programs has fallen by over 60 percent, while the number of teacher certifications granted dropped by over 70 percent.