Michael Smerconish

Michael Smerconish

A Philadelphia lawyer turned political commentator, Michael Smerconish is a nationally syndicated radio host, best-selling author and weekly contributing columnist to The Philadelphia Inquirer's Sunday Currents section.

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Why does Phila. airport have such contradictory parking signs? | Michael Smerconish

There's one area in which the airport needs to up its game: signage. And there's one pair of signs in particular that I find confounding and frustrating.

I violated Pa. election law — and I’m not ashamed | Michael Smerconish

I'd welcome being a test case to force the state legislature to fix our suppressive laws.

Congress, egged on by the polar extremes, is out of step with the rest of us | Michael Smerconish

After several tough weeks of political news, it can feel like America is inexorably divided. Good news: Were not.

What John Kerry is really worried about

Spoiler alert: It's climate change.

Will the age of iPhones change bad behavior?

Should such allegations surface in the future about somebody now in high school or college, the visual documentation will include include digital images saved on iPhones, plus remembrances posted on Facebook pages, Instagram and Snapchat.

How a meeting with Fidel Castro made me appreciate Philly — and the world | Michael Smerconish

Michael Smerconish: what being a World Heritage City means to me.

Sign me up for these college courses | Michael Smerconish

Many will write this off as liberal, Ivy League coddling of snowflakes. That's what I used to think back when it was our first of four who was looking at schools. But I've changed my mind.

In defense of third-party candidates: Blame those who didn’t vote, not those who chose to run | Michael Smerconish

If you're looking to assign culpability for the election of President Trump, stop blaming Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and those who voted for either.

Touring the secret Cold War bunker that Congress never used | Michael Smerconish

President Dwight Eisenhower initiated the construction of what became the go-to fallout shelter for the entire Congress in the event of a nuclear strike by the Soviet Union.

Trump’s strikeout: Questions raised by his altered Russia speech | Michael Smerconish

With the stroke of a pen and the striking of seven words, the President told us everything we need to know about his intentions relative to the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.