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Martha Stewart: How to stick documents and photos to a stainless-steel refrigerator

Q: How can I post artwork, schedules and pictures on my stainless-steel refrigerator, since it is not magnetized? A: The smooth, bare expanse of a gleaming new stainless steel refrigerator looks clean and modern, and works in nearly any kitchen. The material, an alloy of steel designed to resist corrosion, may contain additional elements to increase its strength and

Martha Stewart: Only for No. 1 is a baby shower needed, but exceptions cry out

Q: How do friends and family celebrate the birth of a second child? I've heard a shower should be thrown only in honor of the first baby's birth.

Martha Stewart: Grilled-veggie panini hitsthe spot for picnic on the trail

A HORSEBACK ride through majestic scenery in Maine calls for a delectable lunch that's as beautiful as the setting.

Martha Stewart: How to keep your pets' pests at bay in the summer

HERE'S HOW to keep fleas, ticks and other pests from bugging your dogs and cats this summer. Animals thrive during the warm, active and social summer months. Unfortunately, so do the pests that can affect their health. The good news? There are many preventive options, which means you can customize a safe and effective plan for your animal. "

Martha Stewart: Bruised peonies, bitter lettuce & cheesey stuff

Q: Why won't my peonies bloom? The buds look bruised and don't open all the way. A: There are three explanations for buds that won't bloom. The first is botrytis blight, a fungal disease. It can hit plants as they emerge or once buds have formed. It's worse in rainy seasons and on plants growing in cool, wet, shady sites. The buds tur

Martha Stewart: Regular or high-fructose corn syrup: What's the difference?

Q: What is the difference between regular corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup? A: Both types of corn syrup start the same way: Cornstarch is treated with an acid or an enzyme, turning it into glucose syrup. To make regular corn syrup - the kind found in supermarkets and used by home bakers for candies and frostings - manufacturers clarify and reduce glucose syrup until it's the right consistency.

Martha Stewart: Meals for summer-weekend houseguests

PLANNING SUMMER weekends with houseguests is perhaps one of the biggest challenges a host can face. There are many factors that go into making a weekend fun, interesting and stimulating. One of the most important things is the food, which requires planning menus, shopping for ingredients and cooking dishes so that meals are served on time and guests and family are sated.

Martha Stewart: Pet owner wonders where it's OK to take her dog

Q: Where is it OK for me to take my dog? I'd like to bring her to restaurants, shops and friends' homes, but I know she won't always be welcome.

Martha Stewart: Toss your old pillow notions in favor of reversible mixed fabrics

SUMMER IS on the way and that's a reason to celebrate. Here are some "Good Things" to help you do it.

Martha Stewart: Sea salt vs. table salt

Q: Is sea salt a healthier option than regular table salt? A: Both sea salt and table salt are composed of sodium and chloride. Sodium is crucial to good health. It helps your body maintain a balance of fluids, keeps the nervous system running smoothly and influences muscle movement. But too much can cause high blood pressure. Aim to consume no more than the 2,300-milligram daily limit recommended by the American Heart Association.