I had heard about the Jean Madeline Aveda Salon before, but with my low paying summer salary I thought I would never be able to afford a pedicure from there.

But since it is sandal season I remained concerned about bearing my dry feet and uncared for toes for all of Philadelphia to see. I was determinded to find a salon that could give me a pedicure for an affordable price.

I researched Jean Madeline Aveda Salon just to look at what I couldn't have and saw that she also has a school which practices different types of beauty regiments for a small fee. This way students gain experience and people like me with small bank accounts can still be pampered.

There are three locations in Philadelphia; South Philly off of South Street on Bainbridge Street-that was the location I went to, a school in Northeast Philly on Frankford Ave, and on the University of Pennsylvania Campus at Chestnut and 40th.

I called ahead for my appointment but I was told it was unnecessary; maybe I would have been better off, I ended up waiting more than 20 minutes for my girl to come out and greet me. Finally she took me into a back room, which seemed like it had been thrown together upon my arrival and she began my pedicure.

I was nervous when she told me that her expertise is hair and she rarely does pedicures.

"Great," I thought to myself, "of course I would get the girl who has no clue what the hell is going on." But she kept asking if I was in pain and if I was in comfortable: No I wasn't and Yes I was.

I noticed she was very careful. Maybe it was because she was a student and was going to be graded on how well she performed on my toes today, but she did everything slowly and precisely.

Besides waiting the 20 minutes for my pedicurist, it was a nice experience. I got what I paid for. My $20 got me an inexperienced girl, who did an overall nice job, but I would have rathered been in a nicer atmosphere.

The Jean Madeline Aveda Institute doesn't just do pedicures. Haircuts cost $16, an updo hairstyle is $25, and manicures cost $10. They have a whole list of treatments they perform.