Special Reports

This North Philly native, owner of a Philly women’s football team, spreads her passion for the game to Africa

Star Wright, owner of the Phantomz, preached the game to willing students in Africa. “Who would have thought that Morocco would be such a big lover of American football? I never knew.”

Here’s how we can save summer at the Jersey Shore, according to those with the most at stake | Opinion

Jersey Shore residents, visitors, and business owners on what summer will look like amid the pandemic.

The 24 hours that changed sports, and society

An Inquirer sports oral history of March 11 to March 12, when so much changed, starting with Rudy Gobert testing positive for the coronavirus.

‘Demoralizing and dehumanizing’: What it’s like to deliver food during the pandemic

“As messed up as it sounds, the coronavirus has benefited me. People are staying at home and they have to get their food somehow.”

Local writers imagine what Philadelphia will look like a year after the coronavirus first hit | Fiction

Visions of our future include out-of-work mascots rallying, a child learning about birthday parties, and a laid-off man finding meaning on the streets.

These maps and graphics show how the coronavirus is spreading across our region

Since the first case of coronavirus was identified here March 6, we've been tracking its spread. Numbers tell only part of the story.