Special Reports

Preying in the shadows

They posed as lawyers, scammed thousands in cash from immigrants, and robbed them of their hope to stay in the U.S. They got away with it for years.

Two Philly-area fraudsters took money from immigrants, stole their ‘American dream’ — and went unchecked for years

Some immigrants flee crime and violence, only to fall prey to fraudulent immigration services providers in the Philadelphia area.

Philly's new police commissioner will be the first black woman to lead the department. This is Danielle Outlaw.

From her days as a rookie in Oakland, Philly’s new police commissioner has met the insular and testosterone-filled culture of policing with ambition, confidence and determination.

Her aunt gave her a gift before being sent to die. She returned to Auschwitz to relive their ‘last sweet thing.’

The Jenkintown woman brought her child and grandchildren to Poland for the 75th anniversary of the death camp’s liberation.

The prom that became a legend: An oral history of the night Kobe took Brandy to a school dance

It was a Hollywood moment for a city that just didn’t have them all that often.

From ordination to archbishop, Nelson Perez's career has Philly flavor

Perez will become the 10th archbishop of Philadelphia — the place where he got his ecclesiastical start.

How diverse are the Grammys? How gender, race played out over 60 years of award history

A Lehigh professor analyzed 60 years of awards show and U.S. history. Here he explains the music milestones and misses.