Special Reports

‘Capable of Greatness’

As Strawberry Mansion works to reinvent itself, its students show they’re strong enough to beat the odds.

Tale of the tap: Philly’s water-treatment plants are scientific marvels. So why can’t our drinking water get any respect?

Nearly 40 percent of city residents refuse to drink water from their taps, saying it tastes bad, or even is bad for them. The belief is especially strong in the poorer parts of America’s poorest big city, where residents spend scarce dollars on the much more expensive option of bottled water.

Delaware River Stories: From the Source

Over the next year, journalists from the Philadelphia Inquirer will report on the Delaware river and watershed, the challenges it faces, and how it defines our history and the way we live today.

Jersey Shore and Delaware beach closures: What’s open; what’s not

See the status of your favorite beach, get driving directions and check the weather.

Inside Strawberry Mansion High School’s battle to fight perception and survive

Unlike any school in Philadelphia, Strawberry Mansion High School has been fighting not just to survive but to reinvent itself, to somehow be an educational refuge in a neighborhood that logs more homicides than any other in the city.

Lots of people in Pennsylvania say they have seen Bigfoot. I went looking for it.

Pennsylvania has had the third-most Bigfoot sightings in the United States, behind Washington and California, according to a recent report.

Summer Events Guide: Hamilton, Made in America, and everything else to do in Philly

Our staff picks the best movies, concerts, TV, festivals that you need to see this summer.