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Spaghetti Warehouse

For a low-cost meal when you can't eat in, it's tough to beat a $5.99 carb overload.

Who would have thought that every Wednesday at the Spaghetti Warehouse a spaghetti dinner only costs $5.99? Yeah, not my friend and I when we decided it was too hot to cook and we didn't really have much to eat around our apartments anyway.

Knowing I was going to have carb over-load for dinner that evening, I decided to lightly fast the whole day and just allowed myself a whole-wheat bagel with sodium free-butter. My stomach was screaming at me to give it food soon, or else. The same had gone for my friend who had nothing to eat all day but turkey and cheese on a stale roll-like I said, food rations in our respective apartments were low.

As we greeted each other at the Spring Garden subway stop I thought we were going to run to the restaurant. But I think I was too famished to do anything that active. We saw the sign for Spaghetti Warehouse and instantly our mouths were watering.

I already knew what I wanted to eat-something that I knew I would be able to take home the next day for leftovers since I had only peanut butter and jelly: The Spaghetti Feast, orignally costing $11.99 it was $5.99.

And boy were they robbed, because I ate most of it at the restaurant.

Two meatballs, an Italian sausage, and meatsauce, served with two slies of garlic toast, I stared at the plate and embraced it. My friend got a much more simple dish of spaghetti with meat sauce and devoured the whole thing.

We also had salads and sangria, topping our bill at $20.99. Cheapest meal for two ever. So if you're making your way to Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner, the fact of the matter is: go on a Wednesday.