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The brush is mightier than the sword

Hidden on Fourth Street, just behind South Street, is the Air Assassins’ custom air brush studio.

One day I was walking aimlessly throughout the South Street District in search of something new.  Something more than a pizza shop, a cheese steak lair, or a place to purchase a fresh pair of kicks, you know, the usual thoughts that come to mind when one thinks of South Street, but during my weekly excursions, I discovered more than that.

Hidden on Fourth Street, just behind South Street was the Air Assassins' custom air brush studio.  Honestly, I probably would have never thought to cross the threshold of this newly opened dwelling if it wasn't for the artist standing outside the shop creating a portrait of Michael Jackson on a white t-shirt.

Bryon 'Mutt' Wackwitz, one third of the Air Assassins, was putting the finishing touches on Mr. Jackson's slightly glistened jheri curled hair.   As the crowd grew, surrounding the canvas, I became more intrigued then entered the studio.

The Air Assassins', Wackwitz, Nero, winner of South Street's Slam Down Arts & Crafts contest, and Kirk Dupuis opened the studio off  the corners of Fourth and South Streets on tattoo row last Labor Day and specialize in more than just traditional air brushing.

Having entered the shop, I grew disappointed— but in a good way.  Because I was expecting to see just a few air brushings of Daffy Duck like characters on t-shirts and baseball caps, I was not prepared for the wall to wall art, from handmade masks to beautiful bombshell women painted on canvas, which was showcased amongst the studio.

Besides the Canvas work and t-shirts, the Air Assassins produce and sell miniature sculptures, murals, character designs, use body painting for promotional purposes, and much more.

They were one of five companies from five cities asked to do promotional work for Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, toured with the Wizard World Comic convention this summer's past, which was held in Philadelphia and has done work for MTV and BET.

The Air Assassins produce work for all occasions and are also involved in local events.  The next time you're wasting away on the South Street strip not doing anything, as most often do, stop in and take a gander.  Or better yet—hire one of these deadly artists to take your breath away…creatively. 

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