You could save $100 on an iPad Pro by buying it from Walmart instead of Amazon.

But you’ll pay much more at Walmart for crock pots, cookware, and gas grills. Meanwhile, Target has the best deals for food and drinks.

Those were among the findings of a price comparison of 50 identical items at Amazon, Walmart, and Target by LendEDU, a Hoboken, N.J.-based online marketplace for financial products. Overall, Walmart’s prices were slightly lower than Amazon, while Target charged a bit more than the web giant.

None of the three retailers immediately returned requests for comment.

Walmart was 1.79 percent cheaper than Amazon if you bought all 50 products at once, while Target was 0.97 percent more expensive than Amazon, LendEDU found.

“The differences between the traditional brick-and-mortar stores and the e-commerce giant have become smaller and smaller,” wrote Ted McCarthy, a research analyst at LendEDU. “Traditional retailers realize that e-commerce is paramount to their continued success, so they are starting to become more competitive in online pricing.”

While there was little price variation overall, more significant differences were revealed when LendEDU separated the products into categories. Walmart won over Amazon in three of the five categories, while Target beat Amazon just once.

For example, Walmart’s prices for technology and entertainment items were 4.19 percent lower than Amazon’s. That includes the 64 GB Apple IPad Pro, which Walmart sold for $849, or 10.54 percent less than the $949 charged by Amazon.

For a DJI Spark Drone, Amazon charged $92 more, or 23.15 percent, when compared with Walmart.

However, Walmart was 9.3 percent more expensive than Amazon for appliance and kitchen supplies. For example, the Char-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas Grill was 7.24 more expensive at Target and 31.34 percent more at Walmart. Neither Target nor Walmart beat out Amazon on any item in this category.

The only category where Target had the lowest prices was food and beverage. Target charged 7.3 percent less for these items than Amazon, including a 64-ounce jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise that cost $15.89 on Amazon compared with $7.59 at Target, a 52.23 percent difference.

To examine prices, LendEDU compared 50 identical items that came directly from the retailers’ websites -- not third parties -- and separated the products into five categories: Home Goods, Food & Beverage, Kitchen/Appliances, Technology & Entertainment and Miscellaneous Items. The items were exactly the same in quantity, style, and model, LendEDU said. Amazon was used as a baseline to compare prices.

LendEDU suggests shopping around online before making purchases, noting that it takes little time to plug a product name into several e-commerce sites. For larger purchases, such due diligence can save consumers hundreds of dollars, the report said.

The full LendEDU price comparison can be found here.