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Another 2.4 million Americans filed for unemployment, but claims dropped in Pa. as some counties reopened

With tens of millions of Americans now out of work, state governments are under rising pressure to ease coronavirus restrictions on businesses.

People didn’t wait for coronavirus shutdowns to stop spending. Reopening the economy doesn’t reopen their wallets.

Even as President Donald Trump, public health experts, and economists engage in a fraught debate over reopening, new evidence suggests consumers will have the final say on when the economy limps back to life.

PGW is under pressure to restore services to Philly residents who got disconnected before coronavirus hit

A nonprofit law firm that represents Philadelphia’s poorest residents says the city’s gas utility should do more to restore service to consumers who were shut off before the coronavirus pandemic.

Debt collection lawsuits are growing and the coronavirus crisis will probably make it worse

A new report sheds light on an issue that has gotten more attention amid the coronavirus crisis, as debt collectors are technically free to seize federal stimulus payments meant to help Americans pay rent and buy groceries during the pandemic.

A Philly Whole Foods confirmed employees have coronavirus, but workers worry ‘we have no idea what’s going on’

The Whole Foods case sheds light on how one “essential business” handled an emerging workplace issue: informing employees of confirmed coronavirus cases.

More Americans are leaving home as the pandemic wears on, cell phone data show

New data show some Americans are starting to travel further from home amid the pandemic.

Coronavirus has consumers making an ‘extraordinary’ number of price gouging complaints

Pennsylvanians have filed almost 4,500 complaints with the state Attorney General’s office claiming price gouging. In New Jersey, consumers have filed more than 3,900 complaints.

Hundreds in Philly could lose coronavirus relief money because stimulus checks aren’t safe from debt collectors

Some may be locked out of their bank accounts and could lose their federal coronavirus stimulus checks to creditors and debt collectors, cutting them off from funds they may need to pay rent and buy groceries.

A Pa. bill could make it cheaper to fix iPhones, tractors — and ventilators

The Pennsylvania bill is part of a nationwide effort to give consumers more choice in fixing the equipment they own, but proponents argue the issue is more important amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Reopening businesses during coronavirus is complicated: ‘I’m so afraid of letting anybody in the place’

Even when officials do give the green light, many businesses are going to operate on their own time line, based on the availability of coronavirus testing and whether workers and customers believe it’s safe.