Beer in one hand, phone in the other. But what happens when your intoxicated mind convinces you to open your Amazon app and press buy?

Purchases while drinking make up a larger market than you may think—a $49 billion one to be exact, according to The Hustle’s “2019 drunk shopping census” which surveyed over 2,100 of its readers online. The respondents were self-referred, which means the numbers are likely skewed toward people with experiences. They also tended to be higher income than average, slightly more male than females and in their mid-30s.

The online news service found that 79 percent of respondents made a purchase under the influence, and New Jersey was one of the top states for intoxicated purchases, with the average citizen spending $600-$699 per year. Pennsylvania wasn’t too far behind at $400-$499.

Not known is how many shoppers returned their purchases afterwards.

So, what’s your story? Have you made a buy while buzzed? If so, the Inquirer wants to hear from you for a story about the people of Greater Philadelphia’s strangest purchases while drinking.