A Montgomery County attorney was suspended by the state Thursday, months after he was charged with felony violations of Pennsylvania’s wiretapping act.

Lawrence Jay Weinstein, 45, once practiced law at Silver & Silver in Ardmore and was formerly a member of the Northampton Township Board of Supervisors.

In October 2018, Weinstein and his girlfriend Kelly Drucker, 46, allegedly conspired to get a woman from Northampton “drunk and sloppy” so they could secretly take sexually explicit pictures with “spy glasses” as she used a bathroom, according to charging documents filed by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office. With wine spiked with grain alcohol, their plan was to get her so inebriated that she would pass out, according to texts presented in an affidavit. Their plan apparently succeeded.

When the woman fell ill at Drucker’s house, Weinstein texted “Go help her with lights on and glasses on and get her naked!!! I will reward you." Later Drucker texted Weinstein that she “got pics.”

The motive for Weinstein and Drucker’s actions was not immediately clear.

Weinstein also faces additional charges of assaulting an unconscious woman in a separate incident in 2012.

In addition to wiretapping charges for the use of a hidden camera, Weinstein and Drucker were charged with reckless endangerment, false imprisonment and related offenses.