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Philly investor Brenda Smith charged with $68 million securities fraud, other crimes

She's charged criminally with wire fraud and securities fraud, spending millions on AmEx credit cards and other expenses, while stealing investors' money.

Some family-owned Philly businesses survived the Center City looting by standing guard

As looters ransacked stores in Center City’s commercial corridors on Saturday and Sunday, a handful of businesses escaped serious damage.

CBS3 cuts sports anchor Lesley Van Arsdall, other staffers, in slimming of its news operation

Van Arsdall joined the Eyewitness News in team in 2003 as a reporter. About 400 employees reportedly were let go by CBS3 parent ViacomCBS this week in what was called a corporate restructuring. In Philadelphia, CBS3 cut about four on air staffers and nine others.

HIV drug patients’ privacy violated by Gilead, lawsuit claims

Gilead may have inadvertently revealed identities of thousands of people who are taking a medicine to prevent them from coming down with HIV.

Some Pa. Republicans are open to legalizing marijuana after coronavirus blew a hole in the budget

Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are coming around — if slowly — to the idea of legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use.

Philly has the lowest minimum wage of any U.S. city, new study says

There’s only one major stop along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor where minimum wage earners are guaranteed an income below the federally defined poverty line.

America’s death-care industry is getting squeezed as cremations rise at an ‘astronomical rate’

As more families choose cremation, the country’s “death care” industry, reliant on more expensive caskets and burials, is seeing revenues shrink at a dramatic pace — with coronavirus accelerating the trend.

Why are Pa. and N.J. receiving fewer PPP coronavirus loans? The New York Fed investigates

States where community banks have more business customers received more PPP loans.

Facebook invests in news with grants to Inquirer, other Pa. news organizations

The social media giant announced Thursday that the Inquirer will receive $150,000 as part of a '$100 million global investment in news.'

Dead people are getting coronavirus stimulus checks. Do families have to send the money back? Maybe not.

The law doesn't specifically say whether the money must be returned. The IRS is asking nicely, but they've made this mistake before.