Two Philadelphia-area medical stocks -- Tabula Rasa Healthcare, the Moorestown-based drug-delivery software company, and BioTelemetry, the Malvern heart-monitor systems maker -- ranked among the top 10 for share-price gains among the Standard & Poor’s index of 600 small-cap stocks in 2018.

Tabula Rasa, which employs 250 in the region and 1,000 worldwide, ranked #1 on the S&P 600 list, rising 227 percent over the 12-month period despite a 30 percent drop from its peak during the market slippage late in the year. Its recent acquisitions include DoseMe, Peak Pace, Mediture and Cognify.

BioTelemetry, which employs a total of 1,600 and has area facilities in Ewing Township (Mednet) as well as Chester County, ranked #9 among the S&P 600 last year, doubling in price. The company bought LifeWatch AG last summer and Virtual Scopics and Telcare in 2016.

Medically-related stocks accounted for half the ten best-performing stocks last year on the S&P 600 list. There were also two energy companies, and one each in the fintech (Evertec), vacation (Belmond) and shoe (Crocs) sectors.