Michael Martinez and the guest of his choice will be seeing their share of Temple football games in the future – 150 years’ worth to be exact.

A 1988 Temple graduate and Malvern resident, Martinez won a contest sponsored by Temple football’s twitter page (@temple_FB) that awarded a pair of season tickets for the next 150 years.

Contestants had to use #Temple150 to enter the contest. Of the entries, it was narrowed to four finalists, each of whom appeared at Saturday’s 29-21 win over Tulane at Lincoln Financial Field.

Martinez won over the other three in a drawing. The other finalists received a pair of season tickets for next year.

"How can you react to this? Think about it. 150 years,” Martinez said during an interview during halftime of the game. “How many wins are we going to get? Nine a year? I am there for it, baby.”

Martinez was notified that he was among the four finalists via a private message on Twitter. He was skeptical when he first received the message.

“I never received a private message on Twitter,” he said. “I thought it was a hoax.”

He quickly discovered it wasn’t a hoax.

“To be here on the field and they call your name, that is unbelievable," he said.