With the news about the Phillies playing video games in the clubhouse still fresh, Villanova coach Jay Wright was asked earlier this week if he had any restrictions on his players taking part in video games during the season.

“Just Jermaine Samuels, he’s the only one,” Wright said, referring to the Wildcats’ 6-foot-7 sophomore starting forward.

“Honestly, he is a great Fortnite player. I didn’t make rules but I just told him, ‘Stop playing Fortnite and go to sleep.’ I told the other guys, ‘Keep an eye on him.’ But he’s such a good kid. He listens. He does it. Probably if I was that good at it, I’d be doing it all the time, too. But I told him he’s got to watch basketball games, stop playing video games and sleep.”

Samuels, one of the key contributors in Villanova’s championship run through the Big East Tournament, said he has heeded Wright’s instructions.

“I’ve had many talks with Coach and I’ve corrected those things,” he said. “I don’t play Fortnite any more and now I try to go to sleep a little bit earlier.”

Samuels added he will continue his self-imposed ban after the season ends.