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Playstation 3


Rating: Mature (intense

violence, strong language)

Grade: B

What we have here essentially is a technologically revved-up version of its predecessor, but with a few significant surprises.

The single-player component still takes a back seat to multiplayer, but some significant A.I. improvements make it more fun to practice against computer opponents.And it's still the fastest multiplayer shooter in the business. The only serious caveat: The PS3 version can support only 16 players at a time, which is half of what the PC version can handle.

Fortunately, "UT3" doesn't skimp elsewhere in the PC-versus-PS3 department, and that's where the aforementioned innovation comes into play. You can, for instance, play with a mouse and keyboard if you prefer that to a controller, though players can elect to engage in matches that allow only controller-holding players.

Much more importantly, though, "UT3" allows PS3 owners to import and employ the endless sea of user-created maps, gametypes, characters and other content that shortly will flood numerous community sites devoted to the game.

You'll still need a copy of the PC version if you want to create your own modifications, but being able to access all that free content gives "UT3" the kind of legs that previously were the exclusive domain of PC games.