Former "American Idol" contestant Constantine Maroulis is joining the cast of CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful," starting May 15.

According to CBS, "Maroulis will play music producer Constantine Parros, who becomes embroiled in the career and life of heiress Phoebe Forrester (Mackenzie Mauzy)."

And lest we worry that he might neglect his music: "He will perform a number of songs from his upcoming solo debut album over the next several months on the show."

A not-so-evil twin?

In yet another sign of May sweeps, mercurial tennis star John McEnroe will play a "double role" - himself and someone else - in the May 9 episode of CBS' "CSI: NY."

No need to adjust sets

The high-definition cable network INHD officially becomes Mojo starting today.

Paying for 'Passions'?

NBC's "Passions," originally scheduled to die this fall, will find a new life on DirecTV, the network and satellite provider announced last week.

Though NBC will continue to produce the daytime soap, it will stop airing it on Sept. 7. On Sept. 17, new episodes will begin airing on DirecTV's original programming channel The 101 at 2 p.m. Monday through Thursdays. *