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Ants, fish & elves, with strings attached

Here's what you'll see as the 2008 Mummers String Bands come marching up Broad Street Tuesday morning. The bands are listed in the order in which they'll march, beginning with the new band on the block, Pennsport String Band.

Here's what you'll see as the 2008 Mummers String Bands come marching up Broad Street Tuesday morning. The bands are listed in the order in which they'll march, beginning with the new band on the block, Pennsport String Band.

(The number in parentheses represents the band's prize position last year.)

1. Pennsport String Band

Captain: No captain; President Rob Simiriglio

Title: Pennsport HoBo's: Strummin' Bummin' & Mummin'

Concept: Making its Mummers Parade debut, the newly formed Pennsport String Band's inaugural theme depicts the happy-go-lucky lifestyle of your classic and stylish Mummers hobo. Sequined tuxedos in the best Mummers tradition.

2. The Original Trilby String Band (12)

Captain: David Dorman III

Title: Trilby's Pitchin' a Tent

Concept: Go camping with the Original Trilby String Band as Broad Street is transformed into a woodland scene complete with waterfalls, pitched tents and some inquisitive bears. Captain Dorman enters the scene in a canoe cascading down a waterfall.

3. Greater Overbrook String Band (13)

Captain: Perry DiMatteo

Title: Haymazing Adventure

Concept: Scarecrows in a variety of costume styles and settings including a barn, tractors, hay wagon, cornfields, sunflower patch and a 16-foot pumpkin. Barnyard favorite tunes.

4. Durning String Band (14)

Captain: Jerry LaRosa Jr.

Title: Durning's "Off Their Rockers"

Concept: Durning pays tribute to the "older" generation. Spend a day in the life of a senior from the rockin' chair to a casino excursion.

5. Irish American String Band (17)

Captain: Kelly Marie Mahon

Title: We're In The Money

Concept: Money makes the world go 'round. Captain Kelly Marie Mahon (the only female String Band Captain) is living the high life, giving money away! Look for Captain Kelly sliding down the slot machine.

6. Avalon String Band (8)

Captain: Jack Hee

Title: "Ire-Land of Leprechauns"

Concept: Playing traditional and modern Irish music, Avalon presents a whimsical look with its Band of Leprechauns, as they frolic through the Irish countryside. Remember, the sights and sounds of a leprechaun are not always as they seem.

7. Hegeman String Band (7)

Captain: John P. Baron

Title: We Will WOK You!

Concept: Hegeman is taking you on a Slow Boat THROUGH China! Celebrate the New Year - the Chinese New Year - as Hegeman "orients" you to the ancestral traditions of the Far East.

8. Polish American String Band (10)

Captain: Mark Danielewicz

Title: Ghouls Gone Wild

Concept: Polish American is celebrating its 75th Anniversary with a lighthearted, high-energy, graveyard extravaganza. Characters are unleashed in upbeat musical ways, including jazz, swing and disco. Hall of Fame Captain Ray Danielewicz (Mark's dad) appears as Dr. Frankenstein.

9. Uptown String Band (5)

Captain: Jamie Caldwell

Title: Infestation '08

Concept: Uptown invites you to look through the magnifying glass into the tiny world in your backyard. Hidden beneath the blades of grass and flowers is the hustle and bustle of our colony of ants, swarm of bees, scurrying beetles and strolling snails. Captain Caldwell is king of the backyard as a hairy brown spider with his web.

10. Greater Kensington String Band (9)

Captain: Scott Moyer

Title: Busted!

Concept: It's the late 1930s, gangsters rule the city. The gangsters make their move but are quickly apprehended by the cops. The gang is "Busted!" and sent to the Big House.

11. Woodland String Band (6)

Captain: Tom "Shaggy" Robison

Title: Mummin' Round the Mountain

Concept: Sit back as the hillbillies of Woodland take you high into the mountains on a backwoods country adventure and hoedown.

12. Joseph A. Ferko String Band (3-tie)

Captain: Phil Rotindo (1)

Title: Prepare for Glory!

Concept: Ferko takes a military look back to the power and might of the Roman Empire, culminating with the coronation of Caesar. Before your eyes the battlefield transforms into the Coliseum. Phil Rotindo, 2007 First Prize Captain, is Caesar.

13. Duffy String Band (16)

Captain: Ted Kudrick

Title: Sugar Rush

Concept: A twist of sugars, sweets, chocolates, lollipops and a little bit of Willy Wonka along with Duffy's own Oompa-Loompas.

14. South Philadelphia String Band (3-tie)

Captain: Denny Palandro

Title: Hot Native Nights!

Concept: Let South Philadelphia's primal rhythms and thunder of the percussion transport you to a tropical island. This band was the "viewers choice" winner the past two years in the Channel 17 online poll.

15. Aqua String Band (11)

Captain: Don McGrogan

Title: Aqua Gets Tanked

Concept: Aquariums are artificial environments - designed for our pleasure and observation. The Aqua String Band will take you on a journey through the glass to this wondrous universe for a closer look at the eventful life of our undersea companions. Music relates to our underwater friends.

16. Quaker City String Band (2)

Captain: Robert Shannon Jr.

Title: Adventures in Paradise

Concept: Prepare to be taken on a journey through the Polynesian Islands by the Quaker City String Band, guiding you through their "Adventures in Paradise." Bob Shannon, one of the most recognizable and successful figures ever to march on Broad Street, is retiring as captain.

17. Fralinger String Band (1)

Captain: William Bowen Jr.

Title: Grab Your Partner, Swing Them Round - Fralinger is Westward Bound

Concept: Fralinger is shooting for an unprecedented six consecutive first prizes. "Westward Bound" is a dynamic, free-wheeling and boisterous production celebrating the life of America's romantic hero, the cowboy.

18. Broomall String Band (15)

Captain: Peter J. Broomall Sr.

Title: Broomall is Playing Thru

Concept: In this golf musical, the golfers dance with clubs, and caddies dance with flags. Performers will wear authentic St. Andrews-style golf attire. Tiger Woods even makes an appearance.