HAVANA - Cuba has released a journalist who spent 22 months in prison for participating in an anti-government rally, a local activist and a foreign-media-watchdog group said yesterday.

Roberto de Jesus Guerra Perez, who reported for U.S. Web sites, was released from Valle Grande prison outside Havana yesterday, according to veteran dissident Martha Beatriz Roque, who said she spoke with Guerra shortly after he was freed.

Guerra has been a contributor to Miami's Payolibre and Nueva Prensa Cubana, as well as the U.S. government-funded Radio Marti.

He was among six dissidents who were picked up during a street protest on July 13, 2005, the 11th anniversary of the deadly sinking of a migrant-filled tugboat. Government opponents say that the boat was rammed by the Cuban coast guard and that 41 people had died, but authorities called it an accidental collision with 32 dead.