NEWARK, Del. - A leader of a Coptic church was shot to death during a fundraiser by a man who had differences with the church, Delaware State Police said.

Malak Michael, 63, of Bear, Del., who was leading St. Mary Coptic Church's committee to build a new church, was shot during a fundraiser for the new facility on Sunday evening at the Hilton Wilmington/Christiana, police said.

Michael had just given a presentation on the status of the project and returned to his seat next to Rev. Mina Mina, when Monir George, 58, of Whitehall, Pa., approached them from behind, Mina told the Wilmington News Journal.

George, who had two handguns and 10 magazines holding a total of of 150 rounds of ammunition, fired three rounds before he was subdued by bystanders, police said. He shot Michael once in the upper chest, they said.

"When he shot Brother Malak, we thought it was an electric problem and we were saying 'What was that?' " Mina said. "I saw a spark, but I thought that was electric. But then the second one came from behind also, making us realize there was some chaos and somebody with a gun."

George's differences with the church's policies and doctrine and with the building of the new facility led to the shooting, police said yesterday.

George was held without bail on charges of first-degree murder and two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. *