DETROIT - Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick denied in court yesterday that he made threats to a prosecutor during a jailhouse telephone call to his wife while he was serving time following a text-messaging sex scandal that led to his resignation.

Two 15-minute conversations - recorded in November 2008 - were played yesterday afternoon in Wayne County Circuit Court during Kilpatrick's hearing about restitution payments.

"When we get the loot, we're going to take her all the way out," Kilpatrick told his wife, Carlita.

Kilpatrick admitted the "her" was Kym Worthy, head of the prosecutor's office and a former judge, whose prosecution of him and an aide with whom he was having an affair lled to his plea deals and eventual resignation.

Kilpatrick said that the conversation wasn't a threat.

"When we get the million dollars to pay off this restitution, the prosecutor will be out of this process," he said. "That's all we talk about."

Kilpatrick was ordered to pay $1 million to the city as part of plea agreements in criminal cases from September 2008. He wants to halve the $6,000 he is to pay each month in restitution.

Prosecutors questioned Kilpatrick yesterday about money spent following his release from the Wayne County Jail in February 2009.

Records show that Kilpatrick spent thousands at restaurants, a plastic surgery center, golf courses and a nail salon.