Two South Jersey legislators want a mandatory five-year jail term for anyone convicted of killing a police dog.

Their proposal, called "Schultz's Law," takes its name from a Gloucester Township K-9 who died in the line of duty last week. A memorial service with full police honors for the dog was scheduled for this afternoon at a Gloucester Township park.

Authorities say that Schultz was thrown into traffic on Route 42 while the K-9 was trying to subdue a robbery suspect on the night of Nov. 30. A Washington Township man, Skyler Robinson, 20, is charged with the dog's death.

"Schultz died a hero," state Sen. Fred Madden, D-Gloucester, a sponsor of the bill, told the Courier-Post.

"Targeting and killing a police dog should be viewed no less harshly than directly assaulting a police officer," said Madden, who served 28 years with the New Jersey State Police and is dean of Gloucester County's Police Academy.

"Dogs that assist law enforcement are valuable allies in the fight against crime," added Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, D-Gloucester, also a bill sponsor. "Those who abuse them need to face severe punishment."