MAYBE it's end-of-the-tour senioritis - or it could be that

Kanye West

's simply grown bored of having adoring fans pack arenas to enjoy his supposedly dope live performances on the

Saint Pablo

tour - his first in three years. Who knows? Shrug. All that's certain is the show's officially over, now that he's suddenly canceled its remaining six weeks.

The big question, though: Is the party over, too, for West himself?

If fans angered by his recent on-stage rants in San Jose and Sacramento - during which he praised Donald Trump and blasted everyone from Hillary Clinton and Beyonce to Mark Zuckerberg and Jay Z - have their say, the answer's an unquestionable "yes." (And the #KanyeIsOverParty tweets are bananas, too.)

"You almost feel like you got sucker- punched by somebody, and he ran away because you couldn't do anything," said Matt Rueling, who drove the 100 miles from Truckee to Sacramento to see Saturday's abbreviated concert at the new Golden 1 Center. "It's not really going to change how I feel about his music, but I would never pay to go to another Kanye show. I wouldn't even go if it was free."

Hock Farm Craft & Provisions, a nearby restaurant, poked fun at West with its Saturday menu. A $35 "Yeezy" pizza with mortadella and mac 'n' cheese was offered as a nightly special, described as "cheesy, full of baloney and over priced . . . just like Kanye."

So, what flipped West's switch? Ticket sales can't be it, as the Saint Pablo roadshow was one of fall's top sellers, grossing $30.3 million so far, according to industry experts. He's performed 21 shows in 13 cities, averaging $2.4 million per city, yet he's canceled the remaining 21, which would have taken him to 19 more cities through Dec. 31 - Philly among them. That means he's leaving another $30 million-plus on the table.

Of West's two pending local dates, the first, Dec. 13, was a makeup show from a night at the Wells Fargo Center he canceled in October. So now, Mr. Kardashian, you owe us two make-up concerts. And by "us," we mean anyone here who'd risk a third no-show.

UPDATE: At press time, West had agreed to seek treatment in an undisclosed L.A. hospital after a post-disturbance visit from the LAPD turned into a "medical emergency," according to reports.

Chappelle fans, rejoice

Netflix is clearly winning the web TV game, despite its hungry competition. Between

Orange is the New Black


House of Cards



, the recent success of

Stranger Things


Luke Cage

and this Friday's much ballyhooed

Gilmore Girls

reboot, they're adding more fatness to an already impressive slate o' programming, and this sounds like it couldn't come at a more opportune time.

Comedy king Dave Chappelle, whose Saturday Night Live monologue two weeks ago still has cats abuzz, is set to deliver three stand-up specials on Netflix in 2017, one an original with veteran director-producer Stan Lathan (actress Sanaa's dad) and the other two culled from Chappelle's archive of unreleased material.

This excellent news comes on the heels of last month's announcement that SNL alum Chris Rock had signed a $40 million deal with Netflix that includes a stand-up jawn taping next year, his first since 2008's Kill the Messenger for HBO.

Two questions for Netflix flacks:

1. Since you already have business with Rock and Chappelle, any chance you'd be willing to sign 'em both up to co-star in remakes of Uptown Saturday Night, Let's Do It Again and A Piece of the Action, those classic Sidney Poitier-Bill Cosby film pairings in the '70s? Just curious.

2. Speaking of the '70s (and a Chappelle gig), when's the Season 2 premiere date for F is for Family, the animated comedy from Chappelle's Show standout Bill Burr?


* 'Cause there isn't nearly enough ego-stroking in Tinseltown, get set for the first-ever Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors, which air Wednesday night on the CW Network. It's hosted by Criminal Minds star Joe Mantegna and his daughter, Gia.

* On this day 48 years ago, Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk and Lt. Nyota Uhura, played by the inimitable William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols, locked lips in a groundbreaking episode thought for years to feature the first interracial kiss on TV. (Um, Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy doesn't count?)

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