JUDGING FROM her reaction, Jocelyn S. Kirsch may have received the best Christmas present of her life in 2003. Her father, Dr. Lee Kirsch, a plastic surgeon from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, shipped her a package containing a pair of silicone breast implants, she told her fellow Drexel University dorm residents. Kirsch, then a freshman, said it was her father's Christmas gift.
12/6: Jenice Armstrong | The art of the steal
Was this book 'Bonnie & Clyde's' bible?
WHEN YOU READ the following, consider the so-called "Bonnie and Clyde" couple: "Let's face it. Everyone cheats. You may think you don't, you may try to convince yourself that you're above reproach, but you're not."
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JOCELYN SARAH Kirsch had planned to throw a 25th birthday party tonight at an upscale Rittenhouse Square eatery for her live-in love, Edward Kyle Anderton.  But the daring duo - now all over the national news media - won't be attending the party, because they'll instead be spending the night in the clink.
THE GIOVANNI & PILEGGI hairdresser didn't want to offend her Center City walk-in client, Morgan Greenhouse, who had come in for a hair-extension consultation. Her high-fashion client cut to the chase, telling the hairdresser: " 'Don't worry about the money. Money is not an issue.' " The client left with a $2,200 bill on a bogus credit card and two bad checks, stiffing the stylist out of her measly 10 percent tip, about $250. The vanishing lady, it turns out, was not "Morgan Greenhouse" but Jocelyn Kirsch.
Pair charged with profiting from identity thefts at Center City condo

Jocelyn Kirsch, 22, and Edward Anderton, 25, both of Chestnut Street near 18th, were arrested Friday on charges of stealing some of their neighbors' identities and establishing credit lines in their names. The duo also burglarized at least two of their neighbors' apartments and, police allege, they then faked Georgia state driver's licenses so they could open credit card accounts. Anderton and Kirsch were charged with identity theft, conspiracy, unlawful use of a computer, forgery and a slew of other offenses, said Lt. George Ondrejka of Central Detectives.