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Transcript - Ed Barkowitz chat

Daily News Fantasy Football live chat 12/20/07

Tom: Should i go with Boldin or Holmes?

marc: I have to make a choice between Chris Henry & Galloway. CLE/CIN is always high scoring. Thoughts?

Mike: Andre Johnson, Colston or Brandon Marshall. Pick two. Thanks.

r3philly: What do you think about Willie Parker tonight? 100 yds? Will he ever score?

Bill: Is Stecker too risky of a play with Bush back in hte mix?

Frank: Hi Ed. Should I start Steve Smith or Reggie Williams as a WR2? Also, O. Daniels or V. Davis at TE?

Ben: Playing Boss (TE, NYG) is a risky move...but do you think it could pay off given the system Coughlin runs?

Dan: Santanio Holmes or Donald Driver?

Bill: Burress or Gonzalez at WR?

James: i have rudi johnson playing the browns who are weak against the run but i also have aaron stecker who tore up the cardinals defense last week but could be sharing carries with bush? who should i use? also, i have anthony gonzales against a weak houston secondary but i also have calvin johnson who is a #1 on a pass happy offense but he has been inconsistent all season. who should i play? i need this victory to secure my fantasy football championship. please help me.

Kevin P.: Well First time in 7 years of our league, I am making the Championship. The part that I think is going to hurt me this week I am going up against Moss and Burress

Ed B.: Yo, Sorry I'm late -- had computer problems. Tom, I'd go with Santonio Holmes. Both are a little nicked up, but the Steelers at least are playing for something.

Eric: Brady or Warner? I'm hearing Brady wont play the whole game.

Ed B.: marc, I hear you about the browns and bengals and i'd go with henry, who i hope is your 3rd WR.

Ed B.: mike, brandon marshall is a definite, then i'd go with colston.

Ed B.: r3philly, willie parker is becoming almost barry sanders like in his ability to rack up massive yards and avoid the end zone at all costs. you gotta play him though and he'll have a good one (120, two scores) tonight against the rams mediocre run D

Ed B.: bill, regarding stecker/bush, who are your other options? ... stecker's probably going to get the load, regardless if bush is in the lineup.

Kevin P.: I have Romo starting and the guy I am going up against is starting David Garrard. If Romo doesn't have the type of game (thanks Jessica Simpson) like he did against the EAGLES, does Romo have an advantage over Garrard?

Ed B.: frank, i know he's killing you, but i'd still go with steve smith ... i like his matchup, not only against dallas, but also opposite T.O, better than williams against oakland, which actually can play the pass.

Ed B.: frank, and i'd go with vernon davis

Ed B.: ben, we're talking desperation mode here, so if you have no choice but to play kevin boss, good luck ... if you can make a move, what about brent celek?

Ed B.: dan, i'd go with santonio holmes over donald driver

Eddie: I have to pick 2 out of Grant(GB), Graham (TB) and Westbrook. Help.

Ben: I could grab Celek, and I have Vernon...but he's up against a stiff TB secondary. I'd prefer not to start either, but if I have to choose between Selvin Young and Travis Henry (both of who failed miserably against Houston), which would you choose? I'm leaning towards Young...but I'll probably start Stecker over both...

Ed B.: bill, i'd go with anthony gonzalez over plaxico burress

Ed B.: james, i'd go with stecker over johnson, who missed practice wednesday with a hammy. i'd also go with anthony gonzalez. i love the trust peyton manning has developed with him.

Bill: I just picked up Fred Taylor (hard to believe he was available) going against a weak Oakland run D. Would you start him or Stecker?

Ed B.: eric, play brady ... even if he doesn't go the whole way, he has the potential to do more in three quarters than warner has in a full game. as the saying goes, dance with the girl you brought.

Ed B.: kevin p., how nuts was last week? romo folding because of jessica simpson, brian westbrook lying down at the 1-yard line, tom brady putting up a negative, etc. ... all things being equal, romo should outplay garrard. love the fact that T.O. is starting to bitch about not getting the ball, by the way.

Ed B.: ben, i'd go with vernon davis ... he's had at least five catches in three of the last four. as far as the RBs, mike shanahan is making us all turn gray. i'd definitely go with stecker, but if i HAD to play a denver RB, it'd be (roll the dice) young

Kevin P.: The funny thing is, the guy I was playing he had Tom Brady and his points for him was -2.0 while I had Romo and had a score of 2.0. I feel bad for owners of Westbrook last week. Was the Circus in town in Dallas last week?

Ed B.: bill, i'd definitely go with fred taylor ... damn, talk about a find. i thought i was huge pulling rob bironas off the scrap heap

Bill: thanks Ed

Ed B.: kevin p, i'm writing that westbrook thing for tomorrow's column. he addressed and had fun with it; said he heard from some friends who want to trade him now.

Kevin P.: HaHaHa! I did catch that on Sportsnet this morning

Ben: I just need to hear this from someone else...I'm starting Roddy White over Shaun McDonald. Both play questionable secondaries (Arizona's been knocked up just as bad the Spears girl), but White has been explosive lately. He's the right choice, right?

Ed B.: pretty sure i'm caught up, yell if not ... this whole nfl network/comcast thing figures to heat up in our fantasy world the next two weeks ... the cowboys and patriots each are on the next two saturdays, which stinks for those of us not wanting to fork over the extra dough to watch our stars in the playoff/championship

Eddie: Didn't see if you had an opinion on two out of: Grant(GB), Graham (TB) and Westbrook.

Ben: should try living down near DC. I'm stuck watching Redskins and Ravens games...what a horrible local market. Almost as bad as being stuck in the 49ers/Raiders market...

Ed B.: ben, it's close, but i'd go with white ... and if my editors would let me get away with it, i'd use that spears girls line tomorrow (and credit you, of course) ... but i'd never get away with it ... god bless cyberspace

Kevin P.: Hahahaha

Ed B.: eddie, nice RBs ... in order, i'd go with westbrook, graham and grant ... graham gets the nod over grant because it's supposed to be nasty in chicago on sunday ... so nasty in fact, mason crosby should sit and brett favre might too

Ben: Favre miss a game? He has to put in at least one play. The article in SI regarding him as sportsman of the year was very well done.

Eddie: Thanks. Any thoughts on McNabb v. Warner?

Ed B.: ben, sorry i misstated that ... i meant that he might be considered a bench candidate in fantasy circles; obviously depending on who the other option is ... my mistake

Ben: Ah...good point. GB is still playing for home field, I should've realized that...Favre wouldn't sit.

Ed B.: eddie, mcnabb vs. warner, huh? ... remember a hundred years ago when that was the starting quarterback matchup in the 2001 championship game? ... i'd go with warner. too much potential for a 300-yard, 3-score game against a bad atlanta team ... then again, the cards aren't much better

Eddie: Thanks again. I can not believe that Warner is able to stand under his own power, much less be considered a better FF option than McNabb, but these are odd times indeed.