NICK FOLES did Andy Reid a huge favor Sunday night, throwing for 251 yards in Dallas, taking good care of the ball, audibling for a touchdown to Riley Cooper, showing he could do more than dump down.

This allowed Reid to make the announcement Monday that Foles will be the starter for the rest of the season. Some observers have felt this would be the case, regardless, from the minute Foles stepped in for Michael Vick, but I wasn't so sure. Foles' first two starts really established very little. Reid feels a responsibility to the guys on the roster to try to field a competitive team, even if the playoffs are out of reach, even if he knows he's getting fired.

I think, with Vick progressing in his concussion recovery, perhaps getting close to returning to the field, Foles needed to give Andy something to hang his hat on Sunday night, and he did.

At 3-9, I don't think even Vick can quarrel with going forward with the guy we saw in Dallas.