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Daily News All-City football team JUST BECAUSE a guy may never play football again, that doesn't mean his accomplishments should be considered less significant.

Daily News All-City football team

JUST BECAUSE a guy may never play football again, that doesn't mean his accomplishments should be considered less significant.

The Daily News presents its 2012 All-City Football Team and one of the four prime honorees is bound for Harvard to play lacrosse, in which he's considered one of the nation's very best prospects. Ah, but La Salle's Sean Coleman is also one helluva gridder.

The 5-9, 170-pound Coleman is being listed at wideout, but he was also critical to the Explorers' success as a d-back and returner.

He finished the season with 64 receptions for 908 yards and 13 touchdowns and many of his top performances came in the Explorers' biggest games. Exhibit A: 14 catches for 138 yards and four TDs in a triumph over St. Joseph's Prep for the Catholic AAA title.

Coleman's career produced 143 snags for 2,201 yards and 25 TDs.

The Co-Catholic Player of the Year is tailback Andrew Guckin, of Archbishop Wood.

The 5-11, 200-pound Guckin, despite missing the first two games while recovering from appendix-removal surgery, stormed to 1,995 yards and 30 TDs on 219 carries (9.1 average). He was also relentless at linebacker and schools such as Penn are showing interest.

Our Public League Player of the Year is tailback David Williams, of Imhotep Charter.

The 6-1, 200-pound Williams, a senior with big-time recruiting interest, carried 194 yards for 1,790 yards and 23 TDs while helping the Panthers claim the Public League record for victories (14) and become the first Pub team to advance as far as a state semifinal (in Class AA).

Williams' career spanned three schools: North Catholic (had to leave because it closed), West Catholic (two seasons, almost closed) and 'Tep. He ran 596 times for 4,652 yards and 58 TDs. He is expected to choose South Carolina, Arizona State or Ohio State.

Our Inter-Ac League Player of the Year is quarterback Adam Strouss, of Episcopal Academy.

The 6-3, 190-pound Strouss, who's bound for Penn, was outrageously productive as a runner and passer while leading the Churchmen to their best-ever record (10-0) and first outright championship since 1982.

He passed 60-for-113 for 1,064 yards and 17 TDs while adding 18 more scores on the ground (147 rushes, 914 yards).

Our Coach of the Year is Frank "Roscoe" Natale, of Edward Bok Tech.

The Wildcats moved up this season from AA to AAA, yet claimed a fifth consecutive title - and things weren't easy. Their opponent in the final was 10-0 Simon Gratz Charter and three top players, including the star running back, were unavailable due to school suspensions. Bok prevailed, 28-22.



L Mike McGlinchey, Penn Charter; 6-9, 270 Sr.

L Jaryd Jones-Smith, West Catholic; 6-7, 320, Sr.

L Fran Walsh, Archbishop Wood; 6-1, 245, Sr.

L David Tracz, St. Joseph's Prep; 6-3, 230, Sr.

L Jack Florio, Episcopal Academy; 6-2, 270, Sr.

L Joe Smith, Bonner-Prendergast; 6-1, 255, Sr.

Rec Sean Coleman, La Salle; 5-9, 170, Sr.

Rec William Fuller, Roman; 6-1, 165, Sr.

Rec Christian Summers, Bonner-Prendergast; 6-3, 195, Sr.

QB Adam Strouss, Episcopal Academy; 6-3, 190, Sr.

RB David Williams, Imhotep Charter; 6-1, 200, Sr.

RB Andrew Guckin, Archbishop Wood; 5-11, 200, Sr.

RB Wayne Brunson, Southern; 5-10, 175, Sr.

MP Antoine Whitney, Edward Bok Tech; 5-9, 145, Sr.

MP Eerin Young, Imhotep Charter; 5-10, 180, Sr.

K Nick Visco, Archbishop Wood; 6-2, 195, Sr.

P Ryan Winslow, La Salle; 6-5, 205, Sr.


L Nick Arcidiacono, Archbishop Wood; 6-4, 235, Sr.

L Justin Moody, George Washington; 6-3, 270, Sr.

L Diquan Gilbert, Communications Tech; 6-1, 205, Sr.

L Tom Spiteri, La Salle; 6-2, 285, Sr.

L Paul Johnson, St. Joseph's Prep; 6-0, 290, Sr.

L Saeed Sheard, Simon Gratz Charter; 6-1, 205, Sr.

LB Matt Galambos, Haverford School; 6-2, 225, Sr.

LB Todd Jones, St. Joseph's Prep; 6-2, 215, Sr.

LB Zaire Franklin, La Salle; 6-2, 215, Jr.

B Daryl Worley, Penn Charter; 6-2, 165, Sr.

B Renz Compton, Frankford; 5-10, 160, Sr.

B Deandre Scott, Imhotep Charter; 5-10, 180, Jr.

B John Reid, St. Joseph's Prep; 5-10, 175, So.

B Daquan Bohannan, Northeast; 6-0, 180, Sr.


L Dezhaunte White, Samuel Fels; 6-1, 245, Sr.

L JJ Logan, Roman Catholic; 6-4, 335, Sr.

L Patrick Hoffman, La Salle; 6-4, 265, Sr.

L George Griffin, Archbishop Wood; 6-4, 280, Sr.

L Tyrone Barge, Imhotep Charter; 6-2, 265, Jr.

L Luke Persichetti, La Salle; 6-0, 230, Sr.

Rec Ian Strain, Episcopal Academy; 6-0, 175, Sr.

Rec Jamal Custis, Ss. Neumann-Goretti; 6-6, 205, Jr.

Rec Bobby Keyes, SCH Academy; 6-0, 190, Sr.

Rec Chris Morgan, Haverford School; 6-1, 185, Sr.

QB Tim DiGiorgio, Frankford; 6-4, 180, Sr.

QB Michael Keir, Roman Catholic; 6-3, 215, Sr.

RB Eric Neefe, Penn Charter; 5-10, 215, Sr.

RB Greg White, West Catholic; 5-9, 180, Jr.

MP Walter Pegues, Central; 5-9, 150, Jr.

MP Jamiel Hines, Samuel Fels; 5-8, 150, Sr.

K Aron Morgan, Haverford School; 6-0, 170, Sr.

P Jake Wright, George Washington; 6-2, 195, Sr.


L Davon Wise, University City; 6-3, 240, Sr.

L Kadar Jones, Frankford; 6-2, 305, Jr.

L Sharif Custis, Ss. Neumann-Goretti; 6-4, 215, Sr.

L Jon Naji, La Salle; 6-2, 240, Sr.

L, Vittorio Goggins, Edward Bok Tech; 6-0, 225, Sr.

L Sean Boylan, Archbishop Ryan; 6-4, 205, Jr.

LB Brandon Spatz, Father Judge; 6-1, 210, Sr.

LB Elijah Clark, John Bartram; 5-10, 230, Sr.

LB Chris Cruz, Roman Catholic; 6-0, 215, Sr.

LB David Pulliam, Northeast; 6-2, 200, Sr.

B Jim Haley, Bonner-Prendergast; 6-2, 190, Sr.

B Joe Carlini, Malvern Prep; 5-9, 165, Sr.

B Joe DeMaio, Cardinal O'Hara; 5-11, 175, Sr.

B Rene Villafane, George Washington; 6-0, 175, Sr.

B Shaquille James, West Catholic; 5-9, 150, Sr.


L Mark Webb, Edward Bok Tech; 6-2, 265, Jr.

L Fran Grey, St. Joseph's Prep; 6-1, 260, Sr.

L Shane Phillips, Conwell-Egan; 6-5, 305, Sr.

L Scott Ervin, Simon Gratz Charter; 6-2, 320, Sr.

L Carmen Cervella, Cardinal O'Hara; 6-2, 290, Sr.

L Ed Bier, Archbishop Ryan; 6-2, 280, Sr.

Rec Devon Dillard, Northeast; 5-8, 170, Sr.

Rec Emmanuel Young, Ben Franklin; 6-2, 180, Sr.

Rec Delane Hart, Germantown; 6-3, 175, Jr.

Rec Thaddius Smith, Cardinal O'Hara; 5-10, 170, Jr.

QB Chris Kane, La Salle; 6-0, 220, Sr.

QB James Johnson, Mastery North ; 5-11, 180, Sr.

RB Larry Pelzer, Edward Bok Tech; 5-8, 155, Sr.

RB Vincent Moffett, St. Joseph's Prep; 5-10, 180, Jr.

RB Jeremiah Agrio, Archbishop Ryan; 6-0, 165, Sr.

MP Troy Gallen, Malvern Prep; 5-11, 175, Jr.

MP Jimmy Herron, La Salle; 6-0, 170, So.

K Connor Foley, Father Judge; 6-0, 195, Jr.

P Steve Weyler, Cardinal O'Hara; 5-11, 170, Jr.


L Kareem Jefferson Murrell Dobbins; 6-0, 250, Sr.

L Tyler Smith Archbishop Wood; 6-0, 230, Sr.

L Evan Butts Episcopal Academy; 6-4, 215, Jr.

L Dom Toney West Catholic; 6-3, 245, Sr.

L Chris O'Connor Archbishop Wood; 6-6, 280, Sr.

LB Mike Eife La Salle; 5-7, 195, Sr.

LB Josh Messina Archbishop Wood; 5-9, 180, Jr.

LB Teddy Ibarguen Episcopal Academy; 6-1, 205, Sr.

LB Brandon Chatmon Imhotep Charter; 6-2, 220, Sr.

LB Hakeem Ellis Central; 6-1, 205, Sr.

B Tymere Wilder Bishop McDevitt; 5-7, 160, Sr.

B Najee Goode Imhotep Charter; 5-10, 170, Sr.

B Shaquon Allen George Washington; 5-10, 170, Sr.

B Dan Sherry St. Joseph's Prep; 6-2, 210, Sr.

B Shimeek Carter Northeast; 5-7, 165, Sr.




L Jaryd Jones-Smith, West, Sr.

L Fran Walsh, Wood, Sr.

L David Tracz, SJ Prep, Sr.

L Joe Smith, B-P, Sr.

L JJ Logan, Roman, Sr.

L Patrick Hoffman, La Salle, Sr.

Rec Sean Coleman, La Salle, Sr.

Rec William Fuller, Roman, Sr.

Rec Christian Summers, B-P, Sr.

QB Michael Keir, Roman, Sr.

RB Andrew Guckin, Wood, Sr.

RB Greg White, West, Jr.

RB Vincent Moffett, SJ Prep, Jr.

MP Jimmy Herron, La Salle, So.

K Nick Visco, Wood, Sr.

P Ryan Winslow, La Salle, Sr.


L Nick Arcidiacono, Wood, Sr.

L Tom Spiteri, La Salle, Sr.

L Paul Johnson, SJ Prep, Sr.

L Sharif Custis, N-G, Sr.

L Jon Naji, La Salle, Sr.

L Sean Boylan, Ryan, Jr.

LB Todd Jones, SJ Prep, Sr.

LB Zaire Franklin, La Salle, Jr.

LB Brandon Spatz, Judge, Sr.

LB Chris Cruz, Roman, Sr.

B John Reid, SJ Prep, So.

B Jim Haley, B-P, Sr.

B Joe DeMaio, O'Hara, Sr.

B Shaquille James, West, Sr.


L George Griffin, Wood, Sr.

L Luke Persichetti, La Salle, Sr.

L Fran Grey, SJ Prep, Sr.

L Shane Phillips, C-E, Sr.

L Carmen Cervella, O'Hara, Sr.

L Ed Bier, Ryan, Sr.

Rec Jamal Custis, N-G, Jr.

Rec Thaddius Smith, O'Hara, Jr.

Rec Ron Womack, West, Sr.

QB Chris Kane, La Salle, Sr.

RB Jeremiah Agrio, Ryan, Sr.

RB Samir Bullock, Judge, So.

RB Olamide Zaccheaus, SJ Prep, So.

RB Joe DePhillipo, B-P, Jr.

MP Dan Bier, Carroll, Sr.

K Connor Foley, Judge, Jr.

P Steve Weyler, O'Hara, Jr.


L Tyler Smith, Wood, Sr.

L Dom Toney, West, Sr.

L Chris O'Connor, Wood, Sr.

L David Losier, La Salle, Sr.

L Dan Pederson, Lansdale, Sr.

LB Mike Eife, La Salle, Sr.

LB Josh Messina, Wood, Jr.

LB Evan Harvey, Carroll, Sr.

LB Kevin Sabo, Lansdale, Sr.

LB Dan McLaughlin, C-E, Sr.

B Tymere Wilder, McDevitt, Sr.

B Dan Sherry, SJ Prep, Sr.

B Chris Rocco, La Salle, Sr.

B Anthony Roakes, Wood, Sr.

B Bobby Romano, Ryan, Jr.

HONORABLE MENTION (Seniors Unless Noted)

OFFENSE: Vince LoStracco, Judge, L; Brian Robbins, Ryan, L; Ian Loveless, C-E, L; Joe Hansbury, Ryan, L, jr.; Tom Bayer, Judge, L, jr.; Chris Rahill, Wood, Rec; Albi Arapaj, Judge, Rec; Eric Holt, N-G, Rec; Dashawn Darden, O'Hara, QB, jr.; Antwain McCollum, West, QB, so.; Sal Bello, Carroll, QB; Chris Martin, SJ Prep, QB, jr.; Tarron Dunbar, O'Hara, MP; Patrick McCourt, Roman, MP, jr.; James Ward, Lansdale, MP.

DEFENSE: Devin Young, B-P, L; Hezekiah Trahan, Roman, L, jr.; Joe Ruskowski, Ryan, L; Ryan Boornazian, Carroll, L; J Kraiza, O'Hara, L, jr.; Nolan Cummings, O'Hara, LB, jr.; Connor Golden, Ryan, LB, jr.; Trent Simmons, La Salle, LB; Mike DiFrancesco, N-G, LB, so.; John Antiskay, SJ Prep, LB; Dad Poquie, La Salle, B; Kyle Techtmann, C-E, B; Pat McCabe, SJ Prep, B; Dennis Boice, Judge, B; Pat Duggan, Lansdale, B.



L Dezhaunte White, Fels, Sr.

L Tyrone Barge, Imhotep, Jr.

L Mark Webb, Bok, Jr.

L Scott Ervin, Gratz, Sr.

L Sherref Parker, Bartram, Sr.

L Donavin Winckler, Germantown, Sr.

Rec Delane Hart, Germantown, Jr.

Rec Devon Dillard, Northeast, Sr.

Rec Emmanuel Young, Franklin, Sr.

QB Tim DiGiorgio, Frankford, Sr.

RB David Williams, Imhotep, Sr.

RB Wayne Brunson, Southern, Sr.

RB Larry Pelzer, Bok, Sr.

MP Antoine Whitney, Bok, Sr.

MP Eerin Young, Imhotep, Sr.

K Denniston Moore, Imhotep, Jr.

P Jake Wright, Washington, Sr.


L Justin Moody, Washington, Sr.

L Diquan Gilbert, Comm Tech, Sr.

L Saeed Sheard, Gratz, Sr.

L Davon Wise, Univ. City, Sr.

L Kadar Jones, Frankford, Jr.

L Vittorio Goggins, Bok, Sr.

LB Elijah Clark, Bartram, Sr.

LB David Pulliam, Northeast, Sr.

LB Brandon Chatmon, Imhotep, Sr.

LB Hakeem Ellis, Central, Sr.

B Renz Compton, Frankford, Sr.

B Deandre Scott, Imhotep, Jr.

B Daquan Bohannan, Northeast, Sr.

B Rene Villafane, Washington, Sr.

B Najee Goode, Imhotep, Sr.


L Bernard Houston, Northeast, Sr.

L Herron McBride, Comm Tech, Sr.

L Abraham Toussaint, Furness, Jr.

L Sadeek Robinson, Northeast, Sr.

L Aaron Ruff, Imhotep, Jr.

L Keenan Ervin, Roxborough, Jr.

Rec Tahir Perlote, Boys' Latin, Sr.

Rec Raymond Jefferson, Univ. City, Sr.

Rec Aaron Carter, King, Sr.

Rec Khalil Walker, Lincoln, Sr.

QB James Johnson, Mast. North, Sr.

QB Joseph Walker, Mastbaum, Jr.

RB Daqwan Freeman, Gratz, Jr.

RB Tawaun Vickers, Future, Sr.

RB Ben Coulibaly, Boys' Latin, Sr.

MP Walter Pegues, Central, Jr.

MP Jamiel Hines, Fels, Sr.

K Kenny Appiott, Frankford, Sr.

P Miguel Sanchez, Lincoln, Sr.


L Kareem Jefferson, Dobbins, Sr.

L Joseph Shepherd, Central, Sr.

L Zaire Hollerway, Washington, Jr.

L Shareef Miller, Frankford, So.

L Kamau Taylor, Mastbaum, Jr.

L Faheem Williams, Prep Char., Sr.

LB Marice Tillman, Overbrook, Sr.

LB Christopher Batts, Mast. North, Sr.

LB Abdur Saaba, Comm Tech, Sr.

LB Alex Rivera, Washington, Sr.

LB Marquise Poston, Frankford, Jr.

B Shimeek Carter, Northeast, Sr.

B Jermaine Norris, Mast. North, Jr.

B Rashaun Wade, West, Sr.

B Shaquon Allen, Washington, Sr.

B Nate Barnes, Del-Val, Sr.

HONORABLE MENTION (Seniors Unless Noted)

OFFENSE: Marquise Meachum, Mastery North, L; Gordon Thomas, Imhotep, L, jr.; Denzel Turbeville, Frankford, Rec; Rasheed Cade, Del-Val, Rec; John Graham, Prep Charter, Rec, jr.; Devon Ford, Southern, Rec; Eric Lark, Boys' Latin, QB; Dave Gavrilov, Washington, QB; Davone Cornish, Gratz, QB; Rashan Cade, Del-Val, QB; Michael Riley, Bok, QB, jr.; Mike Edwards, Franklin, QB; Ricardo Streams, West, QB; Quinton Ellis, Frankford, RB, jr.; Jesse Gillis, Central, RB; Tyreik Coaxum, Franklin, RB; Nydair Rouse, Gratz, MP, jr.; Asa Manley, Prep Charter, MP, so.; William Turner, Del-Val, MP.

DEFENSE: Dawayne Young, Washington, L, so.; Khasmere Blakney, Overbrook, L; Shahir Gates, Northeast, LB; David Peterson, Boys' Latin, LB; Nizar Ray, Dobbins, LB; Tyrell Gross, Olney, LB; David Bennett, Edison, LB; Qaadir James, Future, LB; Damion Samuels, Frankford, B, jr.; Shaquon Allen, Washington, B; Eddie Thomas, Prep Charter, B; Khaleel Stewart, King, B; Quahdire Gordon, Univ. City, B; Isaiah King, Roxborough, B; Marquis Edwards, Washington, B; Darius Sanders, Comm Tech, B.