Catching up on Twitter on the #Eagles-Cowboys game:

Big play #1 TO will be huge, if Birds O is rollin, every possession will be crucial!


Watching @Eagles game with my favorite bleeding green fan my husband Marc! #FlyEaglesFly!


Boom @Eagles ! Let's Go!


NBC just adores the Dallas Cowboys.


Nick Foles be dialing it up! #JustBeingHonest

@MVFive (Marcus Vick)

I want to see the #Eagles be aggressive but keep staying away from turnovers.


Bill Davis better start dialing up the pressure in 2nd half. Make Orton earn it


Defense needs to make adjustments and the d-line needs to get in his face


We're from Philadelphia and we can't stand snowball references.


Anybody got some of those ammonia snap capsules? Gotta wake the offense back up.


Maybe Kelly should slow down the play calling and make sure the OL are ready to block. They have been awful tonight.


McCoy sets single season franchise rushing record and he doesn't get the ball on the goal line in biggest game of the year? #Eagles


The Eagles didn't score there due to jacked up play calling. Way too cute.


The Eagles' season comes down to the foot of Donnie Jones, just as it was planned when they signed him.


Who wants to go shopping for NFC East Championship gear with me tomorrow? #Eagles #Champs


Congrats to the Eagles and Chip Kelly for making the playoffs