The Eagles on Monday signed right guard Brandon Brooks to a four-year contract extension that makes him the highest-paid guard in the NFL.

The deal is worth $56.2 million, with $30 million guaranteed, according to Brooks’ representative, Athletes First. It will last through 2024. His average salary in new money is $14.05 million per year, slightly ahead of Dallas Cowboys guard Zach Martin’s annual salary of $14 million.

Brooks made a full recovery from a torn Achilles in just nine months. He suffered the injury against the New Orleans Saints on Jan. 13, but he was in the lineup for the Eagles’ season opener against Washington on Sept. 8. He has been dominant this season, with Pro Football Focus ranking him No. 1 at his position.

Brooks said he was “proud to be an Eagle” in a video released by the team’s official Twitter account.

Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland praised Brooks on Monday for his ability to recover from his injury and return at a high level.

“The way he embraced that whole situation and fought through all adversity and came back with such a positive attitude, I never saw him down in the tank, worrying about him or ‘Why me?’ or any of that," Stoutland said. “The approach that he had was always positive and always, ‘My mission is to get back for that first game.’ He was able to do that, and he’s having the best season of his life.

“It’s a credit to him. It’s well-deserved. He’s a tremendous member of our team, unbelievable attitude. I love the way he prepares and most especially the way he performs on Sunday.”

Brooks also recovered from an anxiety disorder that caused him to miss time in 2016. He overcame the issues that plagued him in the hours leading into game day and has become one of the best guards in the NFL.