Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb joined Philly’s own Kevin Hart on a quarantined edition of his Laugh Out Loud show, Cold as Balls: Cold Calls.

McNabb discussed his endorsement with Campbell’s soup, his feud with Terrell Owens, and the stereotypes of African American quarterbacks.

McNabb — along with the likes of Doug Williams, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, Steve McNair and Michael Vick — is considered one of the best African-American quarterbacks of all time. The position was starting to see more success during McNabb’s tenure in the league, but it was still a difficult time to grow up playing quarterback because of the chance of a position change.

“The problem with the world today is when we’re African American and we run a 4.5, they automatically say ‘Hey you know what, he can possibly move to receiver,‘” McNabb said.

The talk continues today. The most recent examples were Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts having to answer questions about possible position switches in the NFL despite throwing for more than 9,000 yards apiece in their college careers.

“Now you’re talking to me like I can move to running back, safety, receiver ... like hold on, wait a minute, player; I’m not getting on the line and putting my hands on nobody,” McNabb said.

Last season was one of the most successful for black quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory, Jackson won MVP, and Kyler Murray won Offensive Rookie of the Year. It was the first time black quarterbacks had done all three.